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No because his ark was for all the land animals and the ark was on the water



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Q: Did Noah brought fishes on his ark?
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What did Noah say when the animals started climbing the ark?

he brought the animals to the ark

Who was all on noah's ark?

Noah, Noah's wife, Noah's three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth), and their wives. Noah also brought a male and female of every animal into the ark with him.

What animal on noah's ark brought a leaf back?

A dove

Were there dinosaurs in Noah's Ark?

No. God brought animals to Noah through migration, and saw fit to bring no dinosaurs.

Were there dinosaurs in noah's ark?

No. God brought animals to Noah through migration, and saw fit to bring no dinosaurs.

Was Noah in the event of Noah's ark?

Yes, Noah was in Noah's ark as told in the Bible.

Is noah ark a legend?

Noah's ark is not a legend

What shape was Noah's ark?

Noah's Ark was rectangular in shape.

How old was Noah when he boarded the ark?

When Noah boarded the ark he was 600 years old. When Noah boarded the ark he was 600 years old. When Noah boarded the ark he was 600 years old.

Did Noah's ark have archives for the bees?

Ummm, No there were no bee's on Noah's ark. Since Noah's ark wasn't REAL. It's a story.

Who went into Noah's ark first?

Noah went into the ark first.

Was it Moses or Noah who made the ark?

noah. like Noahs Ark!

How did Noah know it was safe to leave the ark?

dove on the second attempt brought olive branches.

What kind of bird did Noah take on the ark?

noah took a ravinne on the ark

Where the scripture for Noah's ark made of?

Noah made the ark of cypres wood.

Who was on the ark that Noah built?

Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth and their wives were on the ark.

Did Noah take peacocks on the ark?

Yes Noah took peacocks on the ark.

When was The Noah's Ark Trap created?

The Noah's Ark Trap was created in 1977.

When was Noah's Ark Trust created?

Noah's Ark Trust was created in 1998.

What disaster did the ark save Noah?

ark saved Noah from the disaster of the flood.

Was Cain on the ark?

Probably not. For one thing, the Noah story takes place many years after the Adam and Eve story. And according to the text from the Book of Genesis, God saves only Noah and his family, as well as the animals that Noah brought onto the ark.

What are the characters in Noah s ark?

There were 8 characters in the Noah ark, they were Noah his wife his three sons and their wifes.

What food did Noah eat on the ark?

The bible doesn't mention specifically what Noah ate. However, it can be assumed that Noah ate some of the clean animals that he brought on the ark. God's command was to bring 7 of each of the clean animals and the unclean animals were to be brought on two by two. So, the assumption is, the clean animals were brought on in excess in order to maintain survival for Noah and his family as well as be offered up for a sacrifice once the waters had cleared.

How many elephants did Moses bring into the Ark?

Moses brought none at all. When Noah saw that, he said "This will never do!", and brought in two elephants.

How is Schindler's ark like Noah's ark?

In Noah's Ark Noah saves many animals from being killed by a flood. In Schindler's Ark Schindler saves many Jews from being killed in the Holocaust