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Did Nymphadora Tonks die?

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Yes, during the battle, she was killed by her aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, in the third of their duels. Tonks' body was laid out pale and peaceful looking in the Great Hall next to her husband, who had died at the hands of Dolohov, leaving their month-old son an orphan.

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How did Nymphadora Tonks die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Nymphadora (Tonks) dies in the Hogwarts battle

Did Nymphadora Tonks' son die?

No. He survived and was raised by his grandmother, Andromeda Tonks.

How did Nymphadora Tonks die?

Nymphadora Tonks was killed in the battle at Hogwarts at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She was killed by her aunt Bellatrix Lestrange.

When is Nymphadora Tonks' birthday?

Nymphadora Tonks was born on the 24th March 1973

Did nymphadora tonks die pregnant?

No, she died after her son was born.

What is Tonks real name?

Nymphadora Tonks.

What is Nymphadora Tonks' middle name?

A middle name was never provided for Nymphadora Tonks.

When did Nymphadora Tonks die?

Nmyphadora Tonks died during the Battle of Hogwarts on 2nd May 1998.

What does tonks mean?

Tonks is just a second name for Nymphadora Aka Tonks. Nymphadora doesnt like the her name so they call her by her second name.

What is with Nymphadora Tonks hair?

Nymphadora Tonks is a metamorphmagus which means she can change her appearance at will - including the colour and style of her hair.

Does Nymphadora Tonks have mood hair?

Nymphadora Tonks can change her hair at will allowing it to reflect any mood she wishes.

Is Tonks a dog in Harry Potter?

No, Nymphadora Tonks is a woman.

What book did Nymphadora Tonks die in?

She died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

What was Nymphadora Tonks full name?

Her full name was Nymphadora Tonks. She sometimes went by the name Dora or Nymph, but preferred to be called by just her surname, Tonks.

What house was Nymphadora Tonks in at Hogwarts?

Nymphadora Tonks was in Hufflepuff house. Her son, Teddy, was also sorted into Hufflepuff.

Did Nymphadora Tonks have a child?

Yes, Nymphadora Tonks and her husband Remus Lupin had a son. They named him Edward 'Teddy' Lupin.

What is the kind like Nymphadora Tonks called?

Nnymphadora Tonks is a metamorphmagus.

Who is ted tonks from Harry Potter?

Ted Tonks is the muggle-born father of Nymphadora Tonks, wife of werewolf Lupin and an auror. Nymphadora is also known as Tonks and "Dora", and she has the ability of changing her appearance.

Is nymphadora tonks a werewolf?

No but Lupin is.

Did Nymphadora Tonks smoke?

No she doesn't.

Why can Nymphadora Tonks change her herself?

Nymphadora Tonks is a metamorphmagus. This means she can change her appearance at will without potions or spells, it is very rare.

What is Tonks' surname?

Tonks is her surname, her full name is Nymphadora Tonks.

Who killed Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks?

Antonin Dolohov killed Remus Lupin while Nymphadora Tonks was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Why is Tonks called Tonks?

Tonks is her surname, her full name is Nymphadora Tonks but she hates her first name so prefers to be called Tonks.

Is Nymphadora Tonks pregnant?

Yes, yes she was.

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