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Oj killed her

yeah he did but he didn't go to jail for it cuz he is a beast

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Who did OJ simpson kill?

his wife and an other innocent residant.

Why did OJ Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson?

He was proven innocent so therefore he did not kill his wife

Why did OJ simosin kill his wife?

He was very angry with her, and he is one very sick person.

Why did OJ Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson?

Though OJ Simpson was arrested and tried for the murder, he was acquitted, thus he did not kill his wife according to the law.

Why did OJ Simpson want to kill himself was it because he misses Nicole?

Yes he did it he kill his 2second wife and her friend his should be in prison

Did OJ Simpson kill his wife?

Although not proven at the criminal trial, it is commonly believed and assumed that O.J. Simpson killed his wife.

What year did OJ Simpson kill wife?

Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered on June 12, 1994.

Where did OJ Simpson kill his wife?

Nicole Brown Simpson (OJ's ex-wife) and acquaintance Ronald Goldman were murdered at Ms. Simpson's home in Brentwood, California on June 12, 1994. OJ Simpson was found not guilty of these murders.

Why did OJ Simpson killed his wife?

He murdered his wife and Ron Goldman, because OJ Simpson is mentally ill and that is why he is in jail in Nevada.

Was OJ Simpson convicted of killing his wife?

no but its obvious he did kill her but in the end he told the judge he did kill her and the judge cudnt restate the sentence, it wud be double jeopardy and against the law

Is OJ Simpson's wife still alive?


What year did OJ Simpson get divorced?

OJ Simpson and his first wife Marguerite Whitley were divorced in 1979. He and his second wife Nicole Brown were divorced in 1992.

Did OJ Simpson really kill?

Techinally no he was found not found guilty in the murder(s) but suspicion has arose that he did kill her after he published his "If i did It" which he detailed in a fictional way how he would kill his wife, Complete fiction but the question can never truly be answered.

How did OJ Simpson allegedly kill his wife?

I believe that before I read that "Simpson" stabbed them. Not 100% sure, but that is what I believe it to be. Later, he said that he killed her out of self defence.

What year was OJ Simpson accused of killing his wife?


What was OJ Simpson's crime back in 2008?

he murdered his wife

Was OJ Simpson proven guilty if killing his wife?

OJ Simpson was found not guilty of his wife's murder and of the murder of Ronald Goldman.

Who defended OJ Simpson for murdering his wife?

Rob kardashian senior

Did OJ simpons kill martin Luther king mom?


Did OJ Simpson cheat on his wife?

no his wife was the one who cheated on him

What was OJ Simpson last criminal charge?

OJ Simpson's last criminal charge was the murder of his wife, the dates should be on wiki. Hope this helps!

Did Robert Kardashian defend OJ Simpson?

Yes, for murdering his wife and her Boyfriend

What was the date OJ Simpson was accused of killing his wife?

June 18, 1994?

Did OJ simson kill his wife?

I did watched the legendary trial on tv. One thing I asked myself was, how can that be? Sometimes I thought that he did not, and sometimes I thought he did. The last thing I saw was that a serial killer did murder her.

Did Tiger Woods kill his wife?

No Tiger didnt kill his wife.