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Oklahoma did not become a state until 1907. The US Civil War occurred from 1861 until 1865. So, the correct answer to this question is that Oklahoma did not fight on the Northern or the Southern side in the US Civil War. True, and yet, Stand Watie, BGen, CSA was the last Confederate General Officer to formally surrender on June 23, 1865 in Oklahoma, Indian Territory. Oklahoma was granted statehood on 16 November 1907.

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Q: Did Oklahoma fight on the Northern or Southern side in the US Civil War?
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Who did the US fight against in the Civil War?

The Civil War was a fight against the northern and the southern states in the U.S.

What characteristics did the typical civil war soldier have?

well a civil war soldier had to be willing to fight either for the southern or northern states. they had to be strong and able to endure many hardships

Did the southern states win the civil war?

No the Northern states won the civil war. After years of blockading and total war, the South was left in shreds and could no longer fight.

Did Simon Bolivar fight in the northern or southern part of South America?


Who did the americans fight in the US Civil War?

The Civil War was the battle between the northern and southern states in the United States. The states were fighting over slavery. So, to sum it up, THEMSELVES!

Which side of the civil war did New Jersey fight?

The Union, or Northern side.

Why did Americans fight against each other at Gettysburg?

America was split in the Civil War: Southern states for slavery, Northern states against it. Once the South seceded from the Union, the North had no choice but to fight and win the war against slavery.

Who did the US fight against during the civil war?

In any civil war, one part of a country is fighting against another part. In the case of the US Civil War, it was the northern states, also known as the Union, against the southern states, also known as the Confederacy.

Why did free blacks and former slaves volunteer to fight for the north in the civil war?

Freemen and former southern slaves volunteered to fight for the North in the Civil because they believed that African Americans would benefit from a Northern victory. Several thousands African American fought bravely and many died and were wounded.

Where did the US fight their undeclared war?

Mostly in the southern states during the Civil War.

Who were the Yankees in the war?

Yankees were the northern part of America to fight in the civil war the "blue guys"

What side did Oklahoma fight on in the Civil War?

Oklahoma did not become a State for many years after the civil war. In 1861, there were almost no whites living there. Different groups of native Americans fought on both sides.

Why did the Southern Confederates fight the US Civil War?

Once the Southern states had formed the Confederate States of America, it became clear that the USA, under President Lincoln would use armed force to end the rebellion. As the South wanted to be free of the Union, the only way to accomplish this was to fight invading Northern forces.

What were the northern and southern and western borders of the us after the revolutionary war?

the british hired german to help them fight

What is the answer to at the time of the civil war black slaves made up about 40 percent of the southern population in dollars what were they worth to the southern economy?

black men and women had to fight for the union and others had to fight for the confederatcy

What two part people fight in the civil war?

The Confederate States of America against the northern states.

Was the Civil War constitutional?

It was constitutional because the North was fighting for the "equal rights That's what the fight was about. The southern states thought since they had voluntarily accepted the Constitution they had the right to reject it when they did not agree with the federal government. The northern states disagreed.

How did the civil war transform southern society?

The Civil War was compacted of many ideals that established separation between the Union and Southern societies. Because of the Civil War the southern society was transformed into a slavery up roar. Even though it did not cure slavery, it lowered its standard to a fight between morality and immorality.

Who was fighting in the Civil War and how did the war end?

The civil war was fought between the southern states and the northern states from 1861-1865. The northern states had more men more factories to produce cannons and muskets and more uniforms. While the Southerners only had pride and amazing generals did they fight for five bloody years. The war finely ended when Robert E. Lee (commander of the southern army) finally got corned by Ulysses S. Grant (commander of the northern army) and had to surrender do to the fact Lee did not have many men left or supplies.

What side might Billy Yank fight for during the civil war?

The Union Soldier of the Northern states was the side he was on.

Who did Henry Heth fight for in the civil war?

Henry Heth was a division commander in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

How was slaves treaty during the civil war?

they were members of the northern army to fight the south or they were still working on the plantations

What the Northern Strategy in the Civil War?

The northern strategy was to over fight the south and make them think the north can win and will and that there will be no surprise attacks over cotton aswell>

What side did Lincoln fight for in civil war?

Abraham Lincoln fought for the North in the Civil War.Lincoln was part of the Union. This is is the side located in the Northern U.S.

Did African American men fight in the Southern army?

A small number of Southern slaves were enlisted soldiers in the US Civil War. The approximate number was 5,000 men.