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Did Patton or rommel die in a car crash in 1945?


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George S. Patton died because of a car crash that occured on December 9th 1945. He and Major General Hobart R. Gay went on a hunting trip to hunt pheasants outside of Mannheim, Germany. Private Horace L. Woodring was driving a 1938 Cadillac Model 75 in which Patton and Gay were in. A 2½ ton GMC truck was turning and hit the Cadillac. No one was injured except for Patton, who hit his head on a metal part between the front and back seats. He had a severe cevical spinal cord injury. He was then paralysed and died on December 21st.

Erwin J. Rommel died in a car. Because of is plot to kill Hitler, he was approached by two of Hitler' generals Wilhelm Burgdorf and Ernst Maisel at his home. Hitler knew about the plot, but did not want to brand him a traitor because he knew it would demoralize on the home front. So, he offered him two choices; either he could face the People's Court or commit suicide. If he would face the Court, his staff and family would be arrested ans would suffer. If he decided to suicide, his family would have received money and Hitler would claim he died a hero. Rommel decided to end his own life. He went with Burgdorf and Maisel to a car, an Opel, driven by Sergeant Heinrich Doose. They drove out of the village. Rommel then took a cyanide pill and died on October 14th 1944.

Neither of these men did die in car crash.