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no, he got drafted by a brasilian team while he played for a youth team

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What college did Pele go to?

Pele left school and did not go back after the fourth grade of elementary school. He has received some honorary degrees over the years.

Why did Pele go to college?

People go to college because they want a good education and sometimes to train for a particular type of job.

Where did Pele go to elementary school?

yes pele did

Did Pele' finish high school?

yes Pele did finish high school but not with a degree that got him into college.

What nicknames does Eric Pele go by?

Eric Pele goes by Big.

How you get in contact with Pele?

You can contact Pele if you go to were he lives which is in Brazil, Tres Coracoes

Did Pele go to school?

no yes he did

What education did Pele have?

Pele only had an elementary school education before making it big in the field of soccer. However, he had no high school or college experience.

What school did Pele go to?

The soccer legend Pele went to public schools in Brazil. He did not go beyond fourth grade on the elementary level.

What university did Pele go to?

university of brasil

Where did Pele go to school?

north pembroke elamentry

Did maradona ever played against Pele of Brazil?

maybe , Pele would have killed him I Maradona would go around him like a pylon that he is! Pele could not compete in the Level Maradona played in....

Is Pele gay?

Absolutely not!Pele is not gay

Does Pele have a dad?

Yes Pele does have a dad

FIFA 09 classic XI in manager mode?

pele pele pele

Who is better Pele or villa?


What movies are like bend it like beckham?

Goal Pele Pele 2: Return of Pele Pele 3: Revenge of the Pele Benji Oh God!: Book Two Kicking and Screaming

When did Pele retire?

Pele retired in 1977

Does Pele have brothers and sisters?

Pele had no sybolings

Did Pele have siblings?

Yes Pele does have siblings.

Does Pele have brothers?

Yes Pele does have a brother.

Does Pele have a brother?

Yes, Pele does have a brother .

Was Pele a striker?

Yes Pele was a striker.

Does Pele have siblings?

Pele does have siblings

Who is better messi vs Pele?


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