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Peyton didn't die as she left to live happily-ever-after with Lucas and their baby Sawyer :)

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Q: Did Peyton Scott die on One Tree Hill?
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Who is Peyton sawyers boyfriend on One Tree Hill?

Lucas Scott!

When do lucas and Peyton leave One Tree Hill?

Peyton and Lucas leave One Tree Hill after they have their daughter Sawyer Scott in Season 6 the last episode

What is peyton's baby's name in One Tree Hill?

Sawyer Brooke Scott

Who does Lucas Scott merry in One Tree Hill?

he almost marries Lindsay but he marries Peyton

In One Tree Hill who is Julian to Peyton?

Julian and Peyton used to date in one tree hill when she worked in LA

Who does lucas marry in One Tree Hill?

peyton peyton

Does Peyton die from One Tree Hill?

No, Peyton does not die.

Where is Peyton and Lucas from One Tree Hill?

from season 7 and onwards peyton, lucas and sawyer are no longer in one tree hill

Who is Peyton Sayer's best friend on One Tree Hill?

Peyton's best friend is Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill.

Who does Peyton's drawings in One Tree Hill?

PunkNDisorderly does Peyton's drawings.

Who plays Peyton sawyer in One Tree Hill?

Hilarie Burton plays Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill. I love her > Brilliant Actress!Hilarie Burton plays Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill. I love her > Brilliant Actress!

Who are the 5 main characters on the television show One Tree Hill?

Lucas Scott. Nathan Scott. Brooke Davis. Peyton Sawyer. Haley James Scott.

What are the name of the girls in One Tree Hill?

Haley James Scott Brooke Davis Peyton Sawter (Scott) Karen Roe Deb Scott Racheal Catina

Does Peyton die in One Tree Hill season 6?

She doesn't die she has a baby and calls her Soya Brooke Scott

Who are the 5 main characters in One Tree Hill?

Brooke Davis Peyton SawyerNathan ScottLucas ScottHaley James Scott

Does Peyton and Lucas have a baby on One Tree Hill?

It is said that Peyton and Lucas will return for season 9 of One Tree Hill as they were the originals from the start and they want them to be present in there last season of One Tree hill

Who does Lucas pick in One Tree Hill?


Is Peyton leaving One Tree Hill?

Yes she is

When did Keith Scott get shot in One Tree Hill?

Keith was shot in season 3 of One Tree Hill by Dan Scott inside Tree Hill High.

Who did lucas call from One Tree Hill call?


Did Peyton in One Tree Hill die after her baby delivery?

No Peyton does not dies after she gives birth to Sawyer Scott, she does have a couple of problems after she has her however recovers for the end of Season 6

Who are all the people from One Tree Hill?

Brooke Davis Lucas Scott Nathan Scott Haley Scott Peyton Sawyers and that's all the people I can remember out of the top of my head

In One Tree Hill who is Peyton's real father?

peyton's real father in the show one tree hill is Mick Wolf, who is like some kind of rock star.

Does Nathan Scott die in One Tree Hill?

The character of Nathan Scott will be returning in Season seven of one tree hill.

What happened to lucas Scott on One Tree Hill?

He left with peyton and their baby. He comes back in season 9 but only for a small scene