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Q: Did Richard III have any children?
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How many children did Richard III have?

he died

Do Richard Maloof and Mary Lou Metzger have children?

Mary Lou and Richard do not have any children.

Did Richard III Have Three Children?

He fathered three children, two were illigitimate

Who were King Richard I's children?

Richard I or Richard the Lionheart did not have any children.

Who were Richard II's children?

King Richard II of England did not have any children.

Who were Richard iii children?

Richard III had 1 legitimate child, Edward of Middleham, with his wife, Anne Neville, but it is thought that he had 3 illegitimate children with a mistress, Katherine Haute: Katherine of Gloucester John of Gloucester and Richard of Eastwell John and Katherine were acknowledged by Richard, but on the eve of the battle of Bosworth, Richard acknowledged a 3rd bastard, Richard of Eastwell. He said to the boy that if he won, he would acknowledge him as his son, but, if he died, then he would flee and take a new identity. Richard III was slain and the boy took a new life as a bricklayer.

Did King William III have a son?

William III of England did not have any children.

Does clarence Williams III have any children?


How old was Richard III when he died?

Richard III was 32 when he died

Did Richard Cadbury have any children?

Yes he had sixteen children

Does Richard Kahui have any children?


Did Richard ramirez have any children?


Does Richard peck have children?

No, Richard Peck never had any children. Richard is a famous and award winning author of young adult fiction books.

When was Richard III crowned?

Richard III was coronated on6 July 1483.

When was Richard III released?

Richard III was released on 12/29/1995.

When did Richard III of Capua die?

Richard III of Capua died in 1120.

What was the Production Budget for Richard III?

The Production Budget for Richard III was $9,200,000.

How many children did Richard Boone have?

No children from any of his three mrriages

Did Richard Pearse have any children?

richard pearse did not have any children from known knowledge.thanx 4 l00kingxxstanly ave

What was the sexual orientation of Richard III?

Richard III, who was King of England from 1483 to 1485, was heterosexual or straight.

How tall is Richard Lee Ferguson III?

Richard Lee Ferguson III is 6'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Richard III - 1980?

The cast of Richard III - 1980 includes: Ramaz Chkhikvadze as Richard III Giorgi Gegechkori as Buckingham Salome Kancheli as Elizabeth

When was King Richard III born?

king Richard the III was born in 1452 on the 2nd of October

Was Richard III a Yorkist or Lancastrian?

Richard III was a Yorkist and was defeated by Henry Tudor who was a lancastrian

How much money did Richard III gross worldwide?

Richard III grossed $4,204,857 worldwide.