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i think so!

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2008-02-08 16:22:11
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Q: Did Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagen like each other?
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What other government office was Ronald Reagen elected?

California Governor

To what other government office were these presidents elected Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter Richard Nixon John Kennedy Dwight Eisenhower?

Governor of Georgia Jimmy and Dwight governor of California Ronald governor of New Jersey Richard governor of Texas John

What did Richard Nixon do that no other president of the us has done?

Nixon was the only President to resign from office.

Who makes Reeses cups and other candy?

Richard Nixon

What was Richard Nixon charged with what did he choose to do?

Richard Nixon was accused of receiving bribes from other countries. This is illegal during your terms as the President and he was charged with treason, he resigned his title of Presidency.

Who makes reeses peanut butter cups and other candy?

Richard Nixon

What other political offices did Richard Nixon hold?

Richard M. Nixon served in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. He also served as President Eisenhower's Vice-President.

What other government offices has Richard Nixon held?

Aside from the Presidency, Nixon was a member of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Vice President

What did Richard Nixon do for California?

Richard Nixon was FROM California, and lived in San Clemente, CA. He was never Governor of California. So, as President of the United States during the Vietnam War, what he did for the US, he did for California and the other states.

Who was Richard Nixon's vice president other than Gerald Ford?

Spiro Agnew served for Richard Nixon's first term and was re-elected. He was forced to resign for crimes committed while governor of Maryland and Gerald Ford was appointed the new vice-president for Nixon.

Who was the person that left the office of president of the US other than the reason of death?

Richard M. Nixon

Who was the quaker president?

Richard Nixon had Quaker connections and possibly one or more other earlier Presidents.

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