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i think so!

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Q: Did Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagen like each other?
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What other government office was Ronald Reagen elected?

California Governor

To what other government office were these presidents elected Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter Richard Nixon John Kennedy Dwight Eisenhower?

Governor of Georgia Jimmy and Dwight governor of California Ronald governor of New Jersey Richard governor of Texas John

What did Richard Nixon do that no other president of the us has done?

Nixon was the only President to resign from office.

What was Richard Nixon charged with what did he choose to do?

Richard Nixon was accused of receiving bribes from other countries. This is illegal during your terms as the President and he was charged with treason, he resigned his title of Presidency.

Who makes reeses peanut butter cups and other candy?

Richard Nixon

What other political offices did Richard Nixon hold?

Richard M. Nixon served in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. He also served as President Eisenhower's Vice-President.

What other government offices has Richard Nixon held?

Aside from the Presidency, Nixon was a member of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Vice President

What did Richard Nixon do for California?

Richard Nixon was FROM California, and lived in San Clemente, CA. He was never Governor of California. So, as President of the United States during the Vietnam War, what he did for the US, he did for California and the other states.

Who was the person that left the office of president of the US other than the reason of death?

Richard M. Nixon

Who was the quaker president?

Richard Nixon had Quaker connections and possibly one or more other earlier Presidents.

Why was the Richard Nixon Library built?

It was built to house historical items and memorabilia related to the life and presidency of Richard M. Nixon, a volatile period of time in U.S. history. Before that, Nixon was Vice President of the United States for 8 years, and held other political offices in California. It is important to preserve history, even if it is to ensure that history does not repeat itself. Most presidents are represented by such libraries after their term ends; for instance, the Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton presidential libraries that opened in recent years.

In 1960 what two presidents run against each other?

John Kennedy ran against Richard Nixon in 1960. Kennedy won but Nixon ran again in 1968 and won.

How many presidents were born by the west coast?

To date, the only US President born in a West Coast state was Richard Nixon, who was born in California.

Were there people talking to Neil Armstrong when he was on the moon?

Yes N.a.S.A and the other astronauts talked to him, even Richard Nixon spoke to him.

What president showed more respect to the flag than any other president?

Richard Nixon-- he resigned when he was found to be in the wrong

Who are some famous presidents form the republuc party?

In the United States, the first Republican President was almost certainly the most famous of the Republicans to hold that office: Abraham Lincoln. Other notable Republicans to hold the office were Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan.

How tall was King Edward VIII?

He was about 5'6" ~ 5'8". Check photos of him next to other famous people.For instance in a photo of him next to Richard Nixon he is about 4" shorter than Nixon. Nixon is about 5'10". All the Windsor family were relatively short at that time.

What American presidents was forced from office?

Richard Nixon is the only president who failed to complete his term for reason other than death. Nixon resigned voluntarily, but quite possibly would have been forced out if he had not resigned.

In the 1990s British actor Anthony Hopkins played two American presidents One was Richard Nixon Who was the other?

John Quincy Adams

Which president's election was marred by charges of electoral vote corruption in Florida and other states after he lost the popular vote to his opponent?

Richard Nixon.

How did president Richard nixons foreign policy beliefs represent a change for the United States?

Nixon was not concerned about economic competition from other countries.

Why did Richard M. Nixon lead john f Kennedy in the polls for much of the 1960 presidential campaign?

they didn't like each other.

During his second bid for the Oval Office who received more votes than any other Presidential candidate in US history?

Richard Nixon

How are Richard Nixon and Ahab from Moby Dick the same?

Both were Quakers, shocking enough, but so many other similarities--like obsession and monomania.

Without Watergate, was Richard Nixon a good president?

Other than Watergate Nixon did a lot of good. He was re-elected in a landslide. He ended the draft, and would have given us universal health care if he'd stayed in office.