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Did Rihanna and Chris Brown break up?

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no not really after the whole Chris Brown beat up Rihanna thing they have been seen alot with each other ..i think it was stupid for rihanna to go back with a man that hit her that's just being weak..but i still love rihanna she is a good singer ..i still like chris brown but i see him different..any man that hits a woman is a loser period..but i hope i answered your question chris brown and rihanna are still going out they didnt break up!!

p.s. love ya Chris Brown
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Did Chris Brown and Rihanna break up?

yes chris brown and rihanna broke up.i would have broke up with her because rihanna gave chris brown herpes soooooooooo i say yea they broke up......

Is chris brown and rihanna back together?

He did but. They. Break up so the answer. Is no

Did Rihanna break up with cris brown if so why?

NO, rihanna stayed with chris brown because she thought that chris brown just snap and went out of control that moment

Why did karrueche tran break up with chris brown?

Because he cheated on her on Rihanna

Did Chris Brown go out with Rihanna?

Chris Brown and Rihanna are broken up now.

Why did Chris -brown Rihanna break up?

Because Rihanna got jealous when Chris brought home his "new girlfriend" so Rihanna slapped him then Chris beated up Rihanna. To see pictures go to tmz.com

Is Rihanna dating Chris Brown again?

NO Chris Brown and Rihanna are not dating, they broke up.

What did Chris Brown do to Rihanna?

Chris Brown beat her up.

How old was chis brown when him and Rihanna broke up?

Chris brown was 20 at the age chris brown and rihanna broke up.

Chris Brown didn't broke up with Rihanna?

No, and people say that Chris Brown is more into Rihanna than Rihanna is into him.

What did Rihanna do for Chris Brown to beat her up?

Rihanna was invading Chris Brown's privacy on his phone and Rihanna saw a text message and they started arguing and Rihanna started slapping Chris Brown and Chris Brown snapped and he started beating her up.

Chris Brown and Rihanna house?

Chris brown and Rihanna do not have a house together.

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna used to date?

Chris and Rihanna used to date. Chris beat her up.

Why did Chris Brown and Rihanna break up?

Chris Brown broke up with Rihanna or the other way round because before the grammys on ,February 8th 2009, about 12;30 in the morning Rihanna and Chris were driving then the got in a argument.Chris stopped the car and they both got out ,when they did the argument escaladed,this left visible injuries on Rihanna.Later police got a 911 phone call from a women[Rihanna] and said that she identified her attacker as Chris brown.Chris was arrested later on in the day and has been released on a $50000 bail, he will be in court on March 5th.This is why Chris and Rihanna were not at the grammysThey broke up because Chris Brown assaulted her.

Why are rihanna and Chris Brown planning to break up?

they aren't even going out they are just good friends.

Why did Chris Brown and Rihanna stop dating?

Chris Brown beat Rihanna up and didn't want to get back together with him.

Why Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up?

chris brown broke up with rihanna and now chris brown is dating some model That is a wrong answer! this is what happen, rihanna was pregnant chris brown beat her up so she went to court house andtold the police that she has bruses everywhere sochris brown ended up in jail!

Is Chris Brown still sad about him an rihanna break up?

yes and is still sad about beating her up, source reveals

When did Chris Brown and rihanna break up?

because she is to gud for him so he broke up They broke up sometime at the end of 2009...:(

Chris why did you beat Rihanna up you love her why did you do it?

i heard chris brown hit her because rihanna was abusive, didnt let him breathe and rihanna hit chris first.but chris brown does have a problem with his anger

Did rihanna and Chris Brown break up or not?

Chris and RiRi are taking a break, so it's not an offcial breakup. (I think I've answered that a million times already.)

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