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No. Not all of their songs featured drums or percussion, especially in the later years. Paul McCartney played drums on a few Beatles tracks, and replaced Starr's drumming on one of his "White Album" songs; Starr was upset, but let it go.

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What role did Ringo Starr play in The Beatles?

He played the drums and sang a few songs.

What do Ringo star play for The Beatles?

He was the drummer, and occasional vocalist.

Which intrument did Ringo Starr play?

Primarily drums, but several Beatles songs were written especially for his baritone-range voice.

What did Ringo Starr do in the Beatles?

Played drums and percussion, and sang. Also wrote songs later, and played piano here and there, but not usually on record.

Did John Lennon and Ringo Starr write all the songs for The Beatles?

No. John Lennon and Paul McCartney co-wrote most of their songs.

What Songs Does Ringo Starr Play?

He sings all the songs the Beatles sing but he sings solo on Octopus' Garden and A Little Help from My Friends and more I think but he sings all the songs with the Beatles.

Who was the bass player of the beatles?

Paul McCartney, Although there are a few exceptions to this. He also played lead guitar for a few songs, and before the Beatles really got going and before Ringo Starr made his appearance he played drums for a short time.

Who wrote most of the songs in the beatles?

John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote most of the songs. Ringo Starr and George Harrison wrote few songs, while George Harrison wrote more than Ringo.

Did Ringo Starr ever write a song for the Beatles?

Ringo wrote several songs recorded by the Beatles. He co-wrote "What Goes On" with John and Paul. He also wrote "Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus's Garden". Ringo is also credited with co-writing "Flying" and "Free as a Bird" with the other three Beatles.

Which beatles songs did paul mcartney play drums?

He played the drums on Back In The U.S.S.R. and Dear Prudence, the first two songs on the White Album, becasue Ringo had briefly left the group when they recorded them.

Did Ringo Starr write any songs with the Beatles?

"What Goes On" (with Lennon and McCartney), "Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus's Garden". He also shared credit for "Flying", "Carry That Weight" and "The End".Ringo Starr wrote a few songs on his own ("Don't Pass Me By", "Octopus's Garden"), and co-wrote dozens of songs with musician Vini Poncia.

Was Ringo Starr a composer?

Ringo Starr wrote a few songs on his own ("Don't Pass Me By", "Octopus's Garden"), and co-wrote dozens of songs with musician Vini Poncia.

When did Ringo Starr attempt to play the guitar?

Ringo attempted to learn guitar while with The Beatles but soon gave up and stuck to the piano for writing songs. Matthew Pike (please view my profile)

What did Ringo Starr do in the beatels?

He was the drummer and sang a few songs.

Did Paul McCartney make the tune of yellow submarine?

No. Ringo Starr wrote the whole song, along with Octopus' Garden. I frankly don't like the songs he wrote for the Beatles as much as the others, but to answer your question, Ringo did.

Which Beatles are which?

In the accompanying image (the cover of the Beatles for Sale album), left to right is: George Harrison (lead guitar), John Lennon (rhythm guitar), Ringo Starr (drums) and Paul McCartney (bass).

When did Ringo Starr quit the Beatles?

Ringo left a while during the White Album sessions in 1968 but later came back after pleas from the other members. When he returned, George had decorated his drum kit with flowers. While he was away, Paul played the drums on Back In the USSR and Dear Prudence, the first two songs on the album.

Did george Harrison play drums?

He may have on occasion, but it wasn't his main instrument, he was a guitarist (he also played sitar on some songs). Ringo was the Beatles' drummer.

What songs has Ringo Starr written?

Dont Pass Me By and octopus's garden

Where is the only place in the world where all four Beatles performed during their solo careers?

On the 1973 Ringo Starr album "Ringo" all four contributed but not on the same songs. Also the two songs recorded from tapes of John supplied by Yoko Ono in 1994.

What Beatles songs did Ringo sing lead?

Yellow Submarine

Did Ringo Starr have any solo songs?

You're Sixteen, and Your Beautiful and Mine.

What was the first song the Beatles ever wrote as a band?

The Beatles did not write songs as a group. Lennon and McCartney wrote the bulk of the group's songs (usually on their own, with each other adding ideas and critiques), followed by George Harrison. Ringo Starr contributed a few songs, later in the group's career.

How much songs did Ringo sings of the beatles songs?

Off the top of my head, I can name all 11 Beatles songs that Ringo sang lead. They are:BoysI Wanna Be Your ManMatchboxHoney Don'tAct NaturallyWhat Goes On (co-written by Ringo)Yellow SubmarineWith A Little Help From My FriendsDon't Pass Me By (the first song he wrote)Good NightOctopus's Garden (written by Starr)He also sang backing vocals on many other songs. All four Beatles are also credited for three songs ("Flying", "Dig It" and "Maggie Mae")

Did george Harrison play drums on penny lane?

No, according to Wikipedia and other sources including "Beatlesongs", a book about Beatles songs, George Harrison played guitar and sang backing vocals. Drums were played by Ringo.