Did Rob Dyrdek sell his house on Knoll Drive?

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Is Rob Dyrdek single?

It does say single on his myspace page As of March 2014, Rob Dyrdek appears to be single.

Rob dyrdek net worth?

The American skateboarder Rob Dyrdek's networth is around US $45 million, according to a 2012 survey.

What Does rob dyrdek own?

He owns: - The Dyrdek Foundation - Street League Skateboarding - The Fantasy Factory - Alien Workshop Clothing - Wild Grinders

Who has rob dyrdek dated?

Chris Boykin, Meaty,Bam Bam.............. all you did was name his pet and 2 friends hes mainly dated strippers for the past 2 years no one famous though

Why did rob dyrdek get arrested?

It was all due to a FootLocker campaign he was starting to promote. They started fighting about the FootLocker ad he will be promoting and I heard that someone else got involved and it got physical.\n. \nThis is what he will be promoting (or was going to promote =) )\nhttp://www.footlockers.biz\n. ( Full Answer )

What kinds of watch does Rob Dyrdek have?

he wears a G-Shock iced out with yellow gold diamonds, or a z shock witch I don't know much about but it looks like the G-Shock that is iced out. Here is the link for it looks like: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_aYGjcGzVI0I/SnHqVKnAqAI/AAAAAAAAABw/FHXRF0ozKxk/s400/yhst-34852715347330_2064_19038120.jpe ( Full Answer )

What kind of car does Rob Dyrdek drive?

The vehicle he drives the most and featured on the show Fantasy Factory is a 2008 white Chevrolet Tahoe with flat black 26 inch wheels. IT IS the same vehilcle in Rob And Big in the end of season 2 he gave away his GMC Yukon to the person who could beat him at a game of skate. He then bought the Che ( Full Answer )

What color eyes does rob dyrdek have?

Rob Dyrdek has beautiful vibrant hazel eyes they switch fromgreenish, brownish, to bluish. He also has medium brown hair whichhe keeps cut short.

What does rob dyrdek make?

He makes millions of dollars because he has 3 of his own tv shows and help sell dc and skateboarding prouducs hope this helped :)

How do you meet rob dyrdek?

Just find his number and call him and ask him if u can skate with him and if u have an idea and you want to share it with the world just ask him and he can help you out

Where is rob dyrdek right now?

He is most likely in beverley hills California but there is no way to tell that answer. it can be answered at different times and he does not stay in one spot like a statue to give out one def answer of right now. but mabey? couch

Does rob dyrdek have any kids?

Rob Dyrdek does not have any children at this time. Rob Dyrdek wasstarted skateboarding professionally at the age of 16.

Does Rob Dyrdek drink beer?

Yes. on season DVD one and two on the interview big black stated that rob got drunk one night and was smacking big blacks toes.

What bones did rob dyrdek break?

He says he has broken so many bones that he has lost count but he has broken multiple bones at once well

Does rob dyrdek want a girlfriend?

No i don't think he wants a serious relationship right now he is just flirting and dating but not anything serious he just wants to have fun

What is rob dyrdeks cell number?

Rob Dyrdeks cell phone number is not available to the generalpublic. Celebrities do not give out their private information totheir fans.

Will rob dyrdek have a reality show?

Taken from his website (Dyrdek.com) on June 19, 2008. . I have been developing two new shows, one reality, one not. I just signed the deal for my new MTV reality show and I am really excited about it.It's gonna be alot of fun. I am doing the show with everybody that produced and worked on Rob and ( Full Answer )

Does rob dyrdek have a cocaine habit?

Apparently yes. After extensive research, I've found several people, who claim to work or know people who work for MTV, which they state that he does. His habit is one of the reasons why the Rob & Big show never made it to Season 4. Hope he gets some help.

Does Rob Dyrdek like redheads?

no he thinks theyre hoes. whatever... of course he likes them they are not only beautiful but they are smart and talented! :)

What is rob dyrdeks favorite number?

Rob Dyrdek is from Kettering, Ohio and is famous for the televisionshow Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Unfortunately, he has not sharedhis favorite number with the public.

How do you get rob dyrdek in skate 2?

go up to big black and do 5,000000000000000000000000000000000000000 kickflips and then slap him in under 30 seconds. No just beat all his film challenges and then you will have to beat the alien workshop challenges. You dont have to beat all alien workshop challenges i just did two and i was supris ( Full Answer )

Does rob dyrdek smoke cigarettes?

In a T.V. episode mini house ate from the ash tray on the back patio of the skaters house. This means that either he smokes or his friends do, maybe both. On Rob Dyrdeks myspace, there is a picture of him with a cigarette in his mouth with blue slime on him. Maybe these signs add up, making the answ ( Full Answer )

Does Rob Dyrdek do coke?

no. rob dyrdek is 100% against drug use. [: Really, then why did they end rob and big. Exactly big black, drama and bam bam all got tired of robs coke habit so they decided to stage a episode about big having a baby girl and they all acted like it was alright. If you watch the last episode you can ( Full Answer )

Did Rob Dyrdek die?

No. As of 3/19/2009 he has a show on MTV called Fantasy Factory that airs on Sunday at 9:00 PM.

How is rob dyrdek so rich?

i think it all started when he got sponsored by DCSHOEUSA then tha show rob and big and calrs jr indorsment but in skating idnt think hes really that good It all started when he was a kid. and got sponcered for skateboarding, you have to be good to get a sponcer.. from there he worked his way up ( Full Answer )

Who is Rob Dyrdek?

Rob Dyrdek is a pro skateboarder he is sponsored by DC and alien workshop and he has his own show called Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory. He used to be on rob and big but that ended.

Who is rob dyrdeks receptionist?

her name is channel a.k.a cc she is his receptionist in his show fantasy factory and he calls her his "ganster rapper receptionist"

What is rob dyrdeks favorite animal?

I would say a bulldog because he has two bulldogs and in every episode of fantasy factory they his bulldogs are in them

Did rob dyrdek got a hotel?

According to one of his interviews, Dyrdek said he's part owner of a hotel which "almost" led him tp developing a hotel in Las Vegas. It seems that Rob's plan of developing his own hotel in Las Vegas didn't materialize. In the first season episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory entitled Hotel, M ( Full Answer )

What is rob dyrdek?

Rob Dyrek is a famous person that has a Career for skate boarding and is also on a wii game (skate it). Rob also stars on 2 television shows, Fantasy Factory & Rob and big

Does rob dyrdek take Oxycontin?

i believe so because during a episode of rob & black, rob jokes about having pain. than big black tells him in a normal tone, "take a oxycotin". than rob says no not physical pain blah blah blah. he def is a pill junkie, dc shoes sport a pill pattern design on the sole of their sneakers. and he ( Full Answer )

Did rob dyrdek win anything?

Dyrdek set 21 separate Guinness World Records for skateboarding as part of his former show Rob & Big . Some of them are: . Consecutive front-side ollies: 46 (2007, WR ) . Ollie big spins: 12 (2007, WR ) . Consecutive nollie kickflips: 73 (2007, WR ) . 360-degree kickflips in one m ( Full Answer )

Is Barry Bright rob dyrdek?

Yes..He created the persona to sell the 'I Core Cruncher' on his show..check out season 3 episode four

What video game is rob dyrdek in?

Rob Dyrdek is in some games like skate 1 and 2 but havent found out if in skate 3, probably is though.

Is rob dyrdek an?

Rob Drydek is a pro skater sposored by DC and Alienworkshop and is parshall owner of both companies.

How does Rob Dyrdek do for fun?

Rob Dyrdek is not only a professional skater but, he has two very successful shows currently. This is an awesome question because pretty much his life defines fun haha. His show Fantasy Factory features Rob, his cousin Drama and Big Cat and others. Anyway on the show Rob enjoys Blobbing (in freez ( Full Answer )

What was rob dyrdek first sponsor?

rob dyrdek was first sponsored at the age of 12 by G & S skateboarding team. He was the youngest member to ever join.

Who influenced rob dyrdek?

I influenced Rob Dyrdek! Thats right! Me, Scott, Rob's older cousin! Rob, a few friends, and I decided to go out and try a few more tricks and Rob wanted to join. Ever since he has been OBSESSED with skateboarding. :)

What does rob dyrdek do now?

Rob still does his show "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" on MTV. He skateboards and shows his buisness skills.