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Well Germany and Russia were allies from 1939-1941

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What country was invaded by Nazi Germany to start the war in Europe?

Germany invaded Poland and Russia wanted to share.

How did Russia surprise Germany at the start of World what One?

While Germany was fighting in France and Belgium Russia mobilised quickly and sent her troops towards Germany.

What part of Europe start world war 2?

Arguably Germany and Austria

What did Russia and Germany promise before the start of ww2?

Russia and Germany had promised each other full cooperation before the start of WWII

Did the World War 2 start in Europe?

Yes, WW2 started in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland

What was the effect of Germany invading Poland in 1939?

The effect was to begin the start of World War II in Europe.

What happened in Europe in the Cold War?

The cold war divided Europe in Western and Eastern Europe. After the second world war, Russia built a wall through the centre of Berlin (Germany). The communist party took control in many countries on the borders of Russia to build a buffer zone so that no one would be able to march in, start a war and kill tens of millions of russians.

Who was their allies in World War 2?

The Allies had UK,France,America,Canada and Russia(later on) the Axis had Germany,Russia(in the start),Japan,Austro-Hungry,Italy

How did alliances help start the Great War?

Because it helped to defeat Germany. If Germany fought only Russia and Russia had no alliances, Russia would have been destroyed.

Who did Germany bring back to Russia in hopes to pull Russia out of the World War 1?

Germany helped Lenin (a communist) get to Russia hoping that he would help to overthrow the Russian monarchy, and start a communist revolution. A revolution would mean Russia would be involved in a internal Russian war/Civil War instead of fighting with Germany

Where did the Germans invade to start world war 2?

Great Britain and France declared war on Germany, when Germany invaded Poland - so began the second World War in Europe.

Why did World War 1 start from England's point of view?

I think from the British perspective it is all about Germany. Britain had spent the last century avoiding Europe to great effect. Colonising the rest of the world was Britains aim. Germany was about to become a major player on the world stage. France & Russia were both in peril: Britain had to act to deter the Germans.

What countries fought against Germany and Russia in World War I?

In World War 1 Germany and Russia were on different sides. Germany fought against Russia and Russia fought against Germany...Basically in the First World War there were two sides. The Central Powers and the Allies. The Allies consisted of Britain, France, Italy and Russia but Russia leaves the war half way through. Other small countries also aided the Allies like Japan and China even some African countries.The Central Powers consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Serbia was supported by Germany but at the start of the war Serbia just was not involved despite having caused the war.

From what part of the world and from which countries did the first three Crusades start out?

In Europe, and from France, England, and Germany. They went to Israel for the Crusades.

Where does Asia and Europe begin?

The Ural mountains in Russia mark the eastern extreme of Europe and the start of Asia

Countries in Europe that start with g?

· Georgia · Germany · Greece

Where does the river volga start in Europe?

In the Valdai Hills, Tver Oblast, Russia

Were the Russians on Germany's team at the start of World War 2?

yes they were in a non-aggression alliance with germany but then hitler broke the alliance and invaded russia

Why did the US back Hitler at the start of World War 2?

Because the USA were against the Soviet Union (USSR/Russia) and Germany (Hitler) was fighting them.

The invasion of what country started world war 2?

The invasion of Poland by Germany in Europe in 1939 caused the start of World War II. It was the line drawn in the sand.

What began in world war 2 by invading Poland?

Germany attacked Poland on September 1, 1939. This is normally considered the start of the Second World War in Europe.

How did World War 2 affect Europe in the long run?

Death, destruction, moving of borders, division of Germany, the start of the Cold War.

What was Germany's contribution in World War 2?

Germany had disobyed the treaty of versailly and rasied their mellitary power and invaded poland with russia, which made france and england declare war on germany and start WWII

When did world war 2 start in Europe?

September 1st, 1939, when Germany launched the invasion of Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, starting the War.

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