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se hinton was a tomboy she hanged out with boys and played football.

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She had friends from each gang, but I don't think she preferred one over the other.

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Q: Did SE Hinton prefer socs or greasers?
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Why did S.E. Hinton write the book called The Outsiders?

SE Hinton wrote the outsiders about greasers and socs.She wanted to show us how the socs were just misunderstood rich kids,and how the greasers were just misunderstood poor tough kids.

What did SE Hinton base The Outsiders on?

S.E. Hinton based The Outsiders on her life. When she grew up she had friends that were in a gang and that were called "Greasers". S.E. Hinton didn't know her friends were hoods until a Soc came and yelled "Greaser" at her friends. She started to write a story about the differences between the Socs and the Greasers. In case your wondering there is no real life Johnny Cade, Ponyboy, Sodapop "Soda", and Darryl "Darry" Curtis, or Dallas "Dally" Winston, Two-Bit Mathews, or Steve Randle. There also was no real life Sherri "Cherry" Valance, Marcia, Bob, or Randy. But there was a real life gang called Greasers and a real people that are called Socs.

What does SE stand for in SE Hinton's name?

S.E Hinton stands for Susan Ellan Hinton.

What does th E in SE Hinton stand for?

Eloise. SE Hinton's full name was Susan Eloise Hinton.

SE Hinton why dont she like her name?

S.E Hinton putted her name in initials because she didn't want other people to think girls couldn't write a book like The Outsiders with greasers and fights,

Is there anything interesting about SE Hinton?

SE. Hinton wrote The Outsiders book at the age of16. She got her information from a group at her school, and some research. This book mostly is about teenagers struggles. In school SE. Hinton was a tomboy and played football with the guys. She did not feel that she wanted to be in any group in school. The Greasers do not have the same names as the people in the book though. SE. Hinton is a girl and put the name SE Hinton so that men too would also read the book without knowing it was wrote by a girl. SE. Hinton wrote many other books besides The Outsiders. This is a great book and I personally think that many people should read it!

Is S E Hinton related to Nigel Hinton?

No, SE Hinton is not related to Nigel Hinton.

Is the book The Outsiders by SE Hinton fiction?

SE Hinton based it on a gang that see knew. The names are made up, but most of the story is very real. I wouldn't say it was fiction. Actually, its a realistic-fiction because it was based on a gang she knew. she started writing the book when one of her friends got beat up by a soc just like ponyboy did in the begining. Back then there really were socs. and greasers. but now i believe they are called the preppies an the punks.

Where did se hinton from?


The Outsiders by SE Hinton?

The book The Outsiders is by S.E. Hinton.

Was SE Hinton a Greaser?

First of all, S.E. Hinton is a female!

What was se hinton's name in The Outsiders?

S.E Hinton was the author, not a character.

When did SE Hinton start The Outsiders?

SE Hinton started the Outsiders when she was 15 years old. Your welcome โ˜บ

Is Nigel Hinton related to SE Hinton?

No. S.E Hinton and Nigel Hinton are not related in fact S.E Hinton actually changed her name to S.E Hinton.

How many siblings did SE Hinton have?

Author SE Hinton had one sibling, a younger sister named Beverly.

The difference from a greaser and a hood the outsiders se hinton?

in the book it says that Hoods are worse than Greasers, Hoods Steal things and kill people, Greasers don't kill people they like fights but don't kill on purpose. But there both marked Lousy.

What kind of writer does se hinton say she is?

Hinton says she is a character writer.

When did S E Hinton die?

se hinton has not died yet she is still alive

Why does SE Hinton write about teenagers?

Hinton never had books about teenagers, when she was growing up.

What does SE Stand for in S.E. Hinton?

S. E. Hinton's initials s. e. stand for susan eloise hinton.

What inspired se hinton to write?

when her father died

Why did SE Hinton decide to sign her books SE Hinton?

many people would not read the Outsiders if they knew a woman wrote it. Most people would assume the author was a man if signed with S.E. Hinton.

SE Hinton why does she go by that name?

SE Hinton goes by that name because her publishers did not want the people who were going to buy it that she was a girl. They thought that the people thought that she wouldn't know how to describe fights, being a girl, so they just put SE Hinton on the book.

Is SE Hinton alive now?

Yes, she is still alive.F.Y.I. her name is SE Hinton because she tough that boys would not be interested in reading her book if it was written by a woman

What is the message of the outsiders by se hinton?

i got top answer lol