Did STDs come from sheep?

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It's likely that researchers will never come to an agreement about where syphilis originated and how it arrived in the Old World. The most widely accepted theory is that the venereal form of the disease arrived on the shores of Europe along with Christopher Columbus's crew, when they returned in 1493 from a journey to the New World. Indeed, although no cases of the disease seem to have existed in Europe before Columbus sailed to the New World, it had reached epidemic levels on the continent by around 1500. But in recent years, pre-Columbian skeletons -- such as those unearthed at the Hull friary in England -- have been found with distinctive signs of syphilis. Those skeletons have turned the nice, tidy picture of New World origins into a muddy mess.
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Why would a 91 Nissan Sentra 4-cylinder STD stall occasionally when coming to a stop?

Answer Its your EGR valve. Had the same thing constantly happen on my '93. Its your EGR valve that's sticking. Nissan uses a plunger type valve that's when sticks stalls the car. Find the valve (looks kind of like a spinning top) and while your car is running reach under and using your fingers mov ( Full Answer )

Can you have an STD if your STD tests were negative?

Did you just have one test for STDs? You would need to have at least two tests, three months apart to be sure. Some STDs take some time to develop. . Answer . You are not at risk from having an STD that you were tested for from the person you had sex with four years ago. Talk with your doctor ( Full Answer )

Where do shetland sheep dogs come from?

From the Isles of Shetland ( just off the British mainland). the answer that someone put above is somewhat true but from what i know they are from the "shetland" islands. and that is why they are called "shetland" sheep dogs. hope that helps! peace, love, and be happy!

Does wool come from sheep or lambs?

Both - sheep are adult animals and lambs are young sheep - lambs are not shorn until they are a year old and the first fleece is usually a finer micron than when they are adults.

Where did Australia's first sheep come from?

Some sheep, as with other cattle and food, utility or sports animals came to Australia with the early fleets: however, the original sheep imports were of low quality and used mainly for meat; the early settlers didn't quite trust, at the start, the notion of eating what were apparently enormous leap ( Full Answer )

When did sheep come to America?

The first sheep came to America with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to America in 1493

What is sheep?

Sheep are four legged, ruminant mammals. Globally, domestic sheep number more than one billion and are raised for their wool, meat, pelts, and milk. Their wool is a water-proof material, rich in lanolin; but to be used as fabric for clothing, the wool must be washed, carded, spun and woven or knitte ( Full Answer )

What are sheep?

Sheep are small ruminant farm animals, often half to a third of the size of a full grown cow and are ruminants like a cow. They are four-legged cloven hooved mammals that give birth to live young. Like a cow, they are large in the body and neck and small in the head and short-legged. They're often w ( Full Answer )

Soccer am how come fenners and sheep head left?

They are now working on an internet tv channel hosted by lovejoy, channelbee.com. I think its the best thing on the web at the moment just like soccer am but a whole lot better. They are now working on an internet tv channel hosted by lovejoy, channelbee.com. I think its the best thing on the web a ( Full Answer )

Where can you get an std?

you can get sti during sexual contact Usually STDs are contracted by having sexual contact with an infected person. Sts can occur in the mouth or throat and on the genitals.

Does wool only come from sheep?

The fibre that sheep produce is called wool, however there are other animals that produce fibre that is also harvested eg alpacas and llamas, angora and cashmere goats and angora rabbits.

Sheep where come from?

sheep are dinosaurs covered in fluff and they eat all the farmers and animals. that is the real reason all the animals are dying not cos of swine flu from the pigs xxx

Can STDS come back?

You can be re-infected with a Std. \nYes it can. \n \nIt depends on what the STD was. If it was something like gonorrhoea that responds to antibiotics, the gonorrhoea can come back if the person does not finish the course of antibiotics. This time, the gonorrhoea will not respond to the antibiot ( Full Answer )

Who can get an STD?

Anyone can catch a STD; it is caught by having sex (oral, anal, genital) with an infected person.

What is the sheep?

A sheep a wollen animal that you can eat and were as clothes Sheeps hair is very soft and sheep can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes by Maisy Johnston

What can you get from a sheep?

The basic things you can get from a sheep is wool, meat, and its hide. Even though, you can also use most of its organs and bone for other purposes as well. For example, you can use its bladder or stomach to store liquids. You can also use some bones as tools or sometimes even use its skull for de ( Full Answer )

Where does the sheep come from?

It start of with ONE sheep, then comes out from another sheep, whitch comes from that next sheep, and carry's on!

Does felt come from a sheep?

Technically felt can come from any animal with fur or hair even people (think dreadlocks) however most felt comes from sheep, the cheap thin stuff at the cradt stores is actually made from plastic pellets.. Hope this helps. Andie AmericanFeltandCraft.com

Can it still be std if the area that itching comes and goes is very small and no other symptoms are there?

Itching that comes and goes in a small area is a textbook description of genital herpes. Next time you get the itching symptom, see your health care provider within 24-48 hours to get a swab test of the area for herpes. Promptness is important for reliable diagnosis. There are other possible causes, ( Full Answer )

What year did sheep come to Australia?

The very first sheep in Australia came with the First Fleet in 1788. However, it is not from these sheep that Australia's huge sheep industry has grown. The Father of Australia's sheep industry is often regarded as John Macarthur . He was a man with a great deal of influence in colonial Australia, ( Full Answer )

Do STDs come from semen or skin contact?

Some STDs are spread by contact with semen or vaginal fluid, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and trichomoniasis. Other are spread by skin-to-skin contact, like herpes, genital warts, molluscum, syphilis, and pubic lice.

What year did STD come into practice?

Do you mean an STD as a sexual infection? If so, it didn't "come into practice" it has always been around and spread ( still is spreading) with unprotected sex.

Can you get an STD?

i think anybody can get a std if your partner gets infected or boyfriend or girl friend might have picked up the std you might see it a week later just depends Yes. If you have unprotected sex, you can get an STD. Some of these like HIV can kill you and can't be cured.

How much methane comes from sheep?

sheep is small ruminant which produces about 'E' amount of methane,where E=(3.41X+9.8); x=digested carbohydrate in 100mg;(DCP+DNFE)

What is a sheeps?

a sheep is a farm animal which you can get wool from and meat like mutton or lamb mutton- older sheep lamb- younger sheep :)

Can sheep come into heat after being bred?

Normally when sheep are pregnant they will not come into heat. If they have come into heat after being bred it is a sign that they did not catch or have aborted the fetus. The reason why they do not come into heat is because progesterone levels have increased, while estrogen and testosterone horm ( Full Answer )

Is it correct to say have you had a std or an STD?

They are both technically right, but the majority of people would say 'an' STD. When talking about something that begins with a vowel-sounding letter, we tend to use 'an' - it just sounds better to say "an automobile" than "a automobile" after all. That's the reason why we have that a/an difference, ( Full Answer )

Is it better for the wool to come off sheep?

Yes as otherwise it becomes too heavy, they can get weighed down when it gets wet, it can grow over their eyes, they can become water logged and the little lambs can't find their mums teats to drink, also there is an increased risk of flystrike.

What do you get from sheeps?

You can get poisoned and die from sheeps because they are bad and evil. but you can get some wonderous stuff like wool and mutton (sheep meat) from sheep. Go down to a little country called new zealand, they have some awesome sheep, but don't go to australia, they only have the bad sheeps. Grammer ( Full Answer )

Where did the type of sheep suffolk sheep come from?

it come from the west, the west of the french alpes following it'sclose friend the suffolk goat, to suffolk, the lovly countryside ofsuffolk... now the sheep and goat live together in a friendlyneberhood following the suffolk cow and suffolk pig.

Where did Dolly the sheep come from?

Dolly the sheep was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell. She was cloned near Edinburgh by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and their colleagues at the Roslin Institute and the biotechnology company PPL Therapeutics. Dolly was created by inserting the nucleus of a somatic (non-sex) ( Full Answer )

How come you have no STD but pain during intercourse?

There are several reasons why you may have pain during intercourse even though you do not have an STD. You may have a simple infection, by visiting your doctor you will be able to get a full and complete diagnosis.

What stuff come from Ireland sheep?

Meat and wool. Using the meat all sorts of meals can be made andusing the wool all sorts of clothes and other items can be made.

How do i no i have std?

You will need to see a gynecologist so they can do testing becausethere are many different types of STDs. Some such as HIV/AIDS willtake years for symptoms to occur. If it is a bacterial infection,you may have itching, bad odor and involuntary discharge.