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Did Samuel de Champlain go to jail?


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yes he did go to jail


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Because England and France were at war.

Samuel de Champlain didn't go to school he got navigation skills from his Uncle.

Samuel de Champlain found a trading post amd became the city of quebec.

the ships were like samuel de champlain crew go

Samuel de Champlain was commissioned by King henry IV. He told samuel to go on a "secret voyage" and btw ( by the way) commissioned means like who paied and told.

Samuel de Champlain mapped the coastline of Canada and explored the Great Lakes. He traveled the St. Lawrence River and the Richelieu River and named Lake Champlain after himself.

In Samuel de Champlain first trip his feelings was exited I think. If you want more imformation then go to Wikipedia for more fact about sameul de Champlains feelings

in 1608 he dicovered St. Lawrence River

Samuel De Champlain went to Canada to help King Henry IV and France to set a permanent fur trading post. He settled in Quebec.

Samuel De Champlain wanted to help gain wealth for France since it was a poor country and had no way of gaining wealth. King Henry IV wanted people to find new land so Samuel De Champlain didn't really actually care where he wanted to go. He just wanted to find wealth for France. No, he did not want to go to Asia! Christopher Columbus did and Henry Hudson but not Samuel De Champlain. I never get why people get so confused with these facts.

Samuel de Champlain maintained very good relations with all the First Nations, except for the Five Nations Confederacy.

he left France to go explore Quebec

because he is special just like me

Yes He did you can go to his Wikipedia to learn more about it.

no he just went to canada from france

Yes he did because he got hurt

Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer and the first to produce an accurate map of the Canadian eastern coast. He was born into a family of sailors and navigators and learned many of their skills as a child.

Samuel de Champlain actually intended to colonize New France; none of the other French explorers tried to sail to Asia, they where competing to make a settlement in the 'new land'.

To maybe go claim Qubec for either the dutch or the France.

he went 2 sckool where bus went and he was also a bum. his family was poor and when he became a navigator he got rich. I hate Samuel de Champlain

He went on 21 different exporations some small and some very large

Samuel De Champlain sailed from France to North America, and colonized in South of Canada and Northern New York and Vermont. He settled in Quebec hoping to make a permanent fur trading post for France. He met and made allies with the Huron and Algonquins along the way.

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