Did Saskia and Max Green break up if they did then when did they break up does He Have a new girlfriend?


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They broke up, don't know, and he doesn't currently have a girlfriend.

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Saskia broke up with Max Green after they had been together for seven years. She broke up with him because she thought he had feelings for a girl named Lexus.

max does not have a girlfriend at this time

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No and no. The only member in ETF with a child is Craig Mabbit.

Because she cheated on him while he was in rehab.

NO, Craig and Max both have girlfriends. I'm not sure is Ronnie has a girlfriend but i know hes straight.

No, he doesn't cut himself. He did it once, but that was together with his girlfriend to mix their blood in a necklace.

max Lloyd jone's girlfriend is Samantha Burton

No he is actually single he has recently broke up with is Girlfriend ivy but Im not quite sure if he has a new girlfriend quite at the moment

No. From what I heard, he had a girlfriend... so no. He's not... unless he's bisexual.

Max Green died in 1998.

yes, because she cheated on him while he was in rehab

Max Green is from Cincinnati, Ohio. :)

yes max does have a girl da

Jennette McCurdy and Max Ehrich are not dating.

He's soooo hot, but he has a girlfriend.. Lexi

Her Girlfriend now 2013 is Laura Quinn

no max green is still the base player

Max Green from Escape The Fate was born December 15, 1985

In August of 2014, Max Green was a member of the band Falling in Reverse. He is also known as Max the Reaper.

No. he has a girlfriend and a daughter.

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