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Did Satan have lovers?

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Satan loves everyone. Chances are you have already made love to her multiple times and don't even know it.

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force two lovers away .. divide them .. force them to go into two different directions .. shatter them .. become the Satan .. or am I being obtuse am I ..

Satan is satan in Swedish.

No, they are not lovers.

Well that all depends if you want christian satan, Jewish satan or islam satan

Yes, there is a church of Satan, but they don't take Satan as a deity, or don't literally do sacrifices to Satan.

"Des serve Satan" means "to serve Satan."

No. Satan is ruler of demons.

サタン Satan

There is no Satan in hinduism.

Yes, Satan was a cherubim.

Satan is called shaytan.

Antonyms of Satan is God.

Satan has no offspring.

No, it is ha satan, or the accuser.

satan doesnt produce hormone but satan is hormone itself. Think about it

No, god created Satan, so therefore Satan is gods son.

Demeter's immortal lovers were Poseidon & Zeus, her mortal lovers were Jasion, Karmanorand Mekon.

Spoiler: Kunerai and Asuma are lovers.

Athena was a virgin goddess, she had no lovers.

There is no Church of Satan in Bangalore, the only Church of Satan is in New York, U.S.

The devil's name was Lucifer, then Satan when he became evil. Satan means evil.

A tiff is another word for a quarrel or argument. So a lovers' tiff is a lovers' quarrel.

Polish Beer-Lovers' Party was created in 1990.

Satan is on earth now.

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