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I never saw an AyA shotgun in a Sears catalog and I'd seriously doubt Sears ever sold them. Here's why. The AyA is a part for part direct copy of the English-made Purdey, which is one of the finest shotguns in the world. AyAs aren't cheap. Back in the '70s I saw an AyA double gun, field model, go for about $750. That's the last one I saw sold, so I don't know what their current value is. TexasCharley

--- Actually, yes they did. ---

Aya does make some best-quality guns, primarily sidelocks, but they ALSO made the boxlock Matador series. The original Matadors were imported by Firearms International in the 1960's, then Sears imported a later version in the early 1970's. Relatively plain, unadorned gun but solid. Resale value in the $400-$600 range.

To complicate this a little more, I have to add that they sold a "J.C. Higgins" model 100 that was a very high quality gun with ejectors. They sell for $400 to $700 dollars today, and many experts believe they were produced to the standards of the Winchester model 21 or higher, and model 21 Winchesters sell for several thousands of dollars today, depending on model and condition.

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Q: Did Sears import Aya Aguirre Aranzabal side-by-side 20 gauge shotguns?
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