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No. He denies it. (Not that there's anything wrong with it.)(I mean im gay) He says the bathroom incident at the airport was a misunderstanding. He doesnt want his kids and wife to know the truth

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Did Joan of Arc admit to being a heretic?

No, she did not admit to being a heretic although the court found her guilty of being one.

Is Dennis Rodman gay?

No, but he did admit to being bisexual.

When did vince McMahon admit to being wwf owner?

He has never denied being the owner!

Where do you go to be a us senator?

You need to go to a college that will be able to teach you all about becoming and being a US Senator.

When did he admit to being gay and who was he dating?

It depends on whom you are talking about.

When did Morris Chestnut admit to being gay?

2012 at the oscars

Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. admit to being gay?

No, he did not.

What are the 3 requirements for being a US Senator?


Does hillary Clinton get a pension from being a senator?

Of course

How does the senator prevent a law from being passed?


How long will being a senator last?

6 year

Why wont someone admit they are promiscuous?

We don't just admit it. We proclaim it! Even lie about being promiscuous when were not. ANSWER: Because of dignity and pride..

Was Franklin Roosevelt elected president without being a senator?

He was a never a US senator. However, he was governor of New York and NY state senator before he was elected president.

Who was the Roman senator who stated Carthage must be destroyed?

There being a Senator who said Carthage must be destroyed was just propaganda.

Does the senator cause diseases?

Please check your spelling. A senator is an elected member of the legislative branch of government- a human being.

Was Jimmy Carter a us senator?

No, he was a Georgia State Senator (in addition to being Governor of Georgia and President of the United States).

How do you admit to your girlfriend and her mother that you enjoy being literally stepped on by them?

you don't.

Who was the first famous person to admit being gay?

James dean

What jobs did pres Obama have before being Pres?


What role does the senator play in the lawmaking process?

by being a sieve

What did Benjamin Harrison do before being elected?

He was a senator from Indiana.

US senator who charged thousands of Americans of being Communist supporters during the 1950's?

Senator Joseph McCarthy

Was Obama in any other political job before being a senator?

Yes, he was also a lawyer and a senator in the Illinois state senate.

What happen if a senator cannot finish a term?

There are a few things that happen if a senator cannot finish a term. The first being that they need a replacement.

Whose Larry in the watsons go to Birmingham?

Larry is Larry Dunn. Larry Dunn is the school bully at Clark Elementary for mainly the younger graders, such as Kenny (Byron and Buphead being the ones for the older kids).