Did Sgt Troy and Cully Barnaby from Midsomer Murders start dating at the end of the episode Stranglers Wood?

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Yes, it is ment to be assumed that they do :) Stranglers Wood was the first episode of season 2 and in the second last episode of season 1, Troy and Cully go on a date and in the final of season 1 it is really obvious he likes her but feels his role as Barnaby's sergeant is an issue. But yeah, they do start dating at the end of stranglers wood. I think they stopped dating but then realised they still had feelings for each other in season 6 'Death and Dreams' when they kiss :):)
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Are they going to show more midsomer murders?

Although BBC is still producing new episodes of Midsomer for their British audience, the folks at The Biography Channel decided, apparently, to cancel it on this side of the pond. The forum on their website is crammed full of angry posts from other Midsomer fans such as us, so maybe these ardent pro ( Full Answer )

Where can you get Midsomer Murders episodes?

Midsomer Murder's boxsets are available from all good DVD shops (and some bad ones). These have 10 discs (one episode per disc). You can also buy individual episodes too. play.com sell them with free delivery. eBay can be cheaper though.

Where is Midsomer Murders filmed?

Midsomer Murders is filmed at a number of places in England. Seethe related link below for the different locations.

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How many murders have there been in Midsomer Murders?

its between 200 and 220 I'm not sure but its definitely between 200-220 I think it was at AT LEAST 230. It has to be. Oooh! Can we just make up numbers? I think it was 493. In fact, the more I think about if the more sure I am. Definitely. 493. Yes. Absolutely, definitely, certainly, positively ( Full Answer )

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What is the name of the village in midsomer murders?

There are lots of villages in Midsomer Murders - it depends which episode you were watching. Villages include Midsomer Mallow, Morton Fendle, Newton Magna, Finchmere and Badger's Drift. The town where Barnaby lives is called Causton.

Where was Midsomer Murders filmed?

Filming Locations Popular filming locations for Midsomer Murders include, in Buckinghamshire, Beaconsfield, Amersham, Great Missenden, Prestwood, the Lee,Wendover, Stoke Poges, Princes Risborough, Turville, Long Crendon, Penn, Marlow, Denham, Bledlow, the Ashridge Estate, Aldbury, Little Gaddesden, ( Full Answer )

Where was midsomer murders john nettles filmed?

It was filmed in many difficult locations. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midsomer_Murders Under the "filming locations" heading, you can see all the different filming locations. Hope that helps :)

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