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Yes , he played "kingly" roles.
Yes, he was an actor for over 20 years

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Why did Shakespeare open his own theater?

so he could have a place to perform his own plays the way he wanted to

Did William shakespeare just perform his plays or did he write them as well?

He wrote his own plays and sometimes performed in those plays

In what theatres did William Shakespeare perform his plays?

William Shakespeare acted in his own plays in four theatres: the Theatre, Curtain, Globe and Blackfriars. He may also have appeared in his own plays before 1594 with whatever company he was with, but we do not know which company or which theatre.

Did Shakespeare perform in any other plays than his own?

Yes, we know that he performed in two plays of Ben Jonson's, Sejanus and Every Man Out of his Humour.

When did Shakespeare perform his plays?

shakespeare first performed his plays when he wrote them in the late 16th century and early 17th century.

What did Shakespeare write and perform?

Shakespeare wrote and performed plays: he was an actor and a playwright, and also a businessman.

What plays did the Romans perform at the theatre of pompey?

they play William Shakespeare

What plays did William Shakespeare perform at the Globe Theatre?

he prefromed all the plays at the globe theather

What city did Shakespeare perform his plays?

Shakespeare was an actor. The plays we know he acted in were two that he didn't write, although he must have played in his own as well. These plays were performed in London England, but during times of plague, the actors would play in various country towns throughout England. Shakespeare must have also played in them.

Who were Shakespeare's plays specifically written for?

Shakespeare wrote his plays for theatre companies who would put them on and pay him for them. After he became a partner in a theatre company in 1594 he wrote all of his plays specifically for his own company to perform.

Did Shakespeare perform plays on ice?

yes, he used ice skates to help him

Did Shakespeare ever perform in any of his plays?

William Shakespeare was a member of, and part owner, of an acting company called The Lord Camberlain's Men, which later became The King's Men. As well as writing, and managing The Globe Theatre which was owned by his acting company, he performed in his own plays and plays by other writers.

What did this place where William shakespeare plays perform look like?

It was a globe with thatched roof

Did Shakespeare only perform to rich people?

No, his plays were also performed to poor people

Where would Shakespeare usually have his plays?

Back when Shakespear was alive, he used to perform his plays in the Globe Theater. Nowadays, his plays are performed everywhere!

Did William shakespeare write his own plays and poems?


How did shakespeare perform his plays?

With a cast of players, in a theatre on a stage. Pretty much as it is done now.

What were the 2 monarchs that Shakespeare wrote his plays for?

Shakespeare did not write his plays for any monarch. He wrote them for his theatre company to perform. Some were performed before the monarch (either Elizabeth I or James I) but most of the plays were not written for these occasions

Welldid shakespeare write the plays published under his name?

Rumor is Shakespeare did not write his own plays published under his name they say he had help writing them.

Who played the female role in the William shakespeare plays?

Females were not originally allowed to perform on stage in the Elizabethan theaters. So when Shakespeare wrote the female roles in his plays he wrote them to be played by young men.

Did Shakespeare write his plays?

Yes he did write them although he made free with his sources, sometimes incorporating phrases from them in his own plays. Also, some of his plays were written by Shakespeare in partnership with other playwrights.

Did Shakespeare also perform on stage?

yes ,obviously shakespeare perform on stag as an artist.

Did shakespeare ever act in his own plays?

Yes, he did in many.Though we are not sure which ones.

When did Shakespeare publish his first play?

Whether you are asking when the first of Shakespeare's plays to be published was published or when the first play Shakespeare wrote was published, either way, Shakespeare did not publish any of his plays. That is because he did not own the rights to publish them. Those rights were turned over to his playing company along with the exclusive right to perform them. The first of Shakespeare's plays to be published were Titus Andronicus and Henry VI part II, both in 1594.

What plays did the kings men own from shakespeare?

All of them. That's why they were able to put out a collected plays volume called the First Folio seven years after Shakespeare died. The King's Men owned the scripts and the right to publish them; Shakespeare did not.

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