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As if. They were loyal to their wives, but their wives did know that they met with other women.

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Probably their respective wives.

the Beatles drew inspiration from many things for the different songs. they did often write about their wives and girlfriends.

John, Ringo, and George all had wives.

Donovan, of "Mellow Yellow" fame. (He also helped the Beatles with "Yellow Submarine".)

A group of women who share a husband are often called 'Sister Wives'.

John, George, and Ringo were all married twice, and McCartney is on his 3rd marriage.

Probably one of the wags at the time (Wives and girlfriends) ; they did like the ladies...

Yes, and they all had wives too. Matter of fact, they've all had two.

No. The Sister Wives on TLC have never claimed to be sisters, and they are not sisters, nor are they legally or genetically related in any way. They are Sister Wives - that is a title used to refer to women who share a husband, not to women who share a father or mother.

Their wives. George and Patti. John and Yoko. Paul and Linda. Ringo and Maureen.

He is only legally married to one, the others were married to him in a religious ceremony, not a legal one. How that happened is they all met him and liked him and were willing to share him with other wives.

None! The Beatles were all kind to their wives. Heather Mills claimed that Paul beat her, but that was never proven.

Some of them work but they all share the funds for the family.

yes they are real but they do not have many friends because they refuse to share their, and they all have wives named peggy.

The Jeff Probst Show - 2012 The Stars of 'The Sisterhood' Share the Inside World of Preachers' Wives 1-88 was released on: USA: 29 January 2013

Sparta shared their wives with other men that were stonger and buffer so there children could have better genes

Conjugal roles are the roles of the man and woman [husband and wife] in the home. There are two different types of conjugal roles that people can have: * When husbands and wives share housework and childcare, decisions and leisure time they have joint conjugal roles. * When husbands and wives do not share housework and childcare, decisions and leisure time they have segregated conjugal roles. Hope this helps.

To get them away from Allen Klein, or at least save his share of their business interests from being taken over by Klein.

Beatles For Sale is the Beatles' fourth album

Yes, the Beatles were real.the-beatles

The Beatles are the Beatles. They are not Abbey Road they have a song called Abbey Road and that is a street name in England, but I promise the Beatles are the Beatles not anything else.

the beatles the beatles

No, the Beatles were not racist

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