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Yes. Theodore Roosevelt was the first U.S. President to drive an automobile.

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Q: Did Theodore Roosevelt ever drive a car?
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Who was the first President to use a car for transportation?

Theodore Roosevelt.

Who was the first president to ride in car while in office?

Theodore Roosevelt

Who was president when Henry ford introduced the model t car?

Theodore Roosevelt

Who was the the first president to ride on an antomobile?

Theodore Roosevelt is usually cited as the first to ride in a car.

First president to ride in a bullet proof limousine?

Theodore Roosevelt, which was a seized car from Al Capone

Which president rode in a car first?

I think Theodore Roosevelt was the first to ride in a car, but it was before he was president. McKinley was the first sitting president to ride in a car.

Was education important to Roosevelt?

"A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad." -Theodore Roosevelt

Who was the First president to own a car?

William howard TaftThe first car-owning President was Theodore Roosevelt, who had a Stanley Steamer.Others say that Taft was the first.

Who was the first president to ride in a car fly in a plane ride in a submarine and publish a book and win the nobal peace prize?

Theodore Roosevelt

Why was Theodore Roosevelt shot?

He was shot by an anarchist.Another answerJohn Schrank (a saloonkeeper) shot Teddy Roosevelt, because Schrank claimed that he was advised by the ghost of William McKinley in a dream to avenge his death pointing to a picture of Theodore Roosevelt.Theodore Roosevelt was shaking hands with the public near his car when John Schrank shot him with a pistol at point blank range.

Did Jeff Gordon ever drive a green car?


Did John Walton ever drive John Boy's car?

No he did not.

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