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Did Thomas Jefferson Jefferson have a job before he wrote the declaration of independence?



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Yes, he became a practicing lawyer in 1767 and served for many years and hundreds of cases in Virginia. He later also served as a legislator to the House of Burgess in Virgina prior to the Continental Congress. he was a lawyer.

He wasn't ONLY a lawyer but he was also a scientist and he knew how to ride a horse

Who are you kidding? I never had what you people would define as a "real" job. I couldn't get hired today if I tried as you all bought into what I still despise: Report cards, grades, diplomas, degrees and awards. Paper proves nothing in a constituitonal nation. I sometimes acted as lawyer but I never held that profession as a job; I always listed farmer and that wasn't quite true either, was it? as building a nation left no time for farming. If anything I read for a living, lol, and got away with it too.