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Yes, he became a practicing lawyer in 1767 and served for many years and hundreds of cases in Virginia. He later also served as a legislator to the House of Burgess in Virgina prior to the Continental Congress. he was a lawyer.

He wasn't ONLY a lawyer but he was also a scientist and he knew how to ride a horse

Who are you kidding? I never had what you people would define as a "real" job. I couldn't get hired today if I tried as you all bought into what I still despise: Report cards, grades, diplomas, degrees and awards. Paper proves nothing in a constituitonal nation. I sometimes acted as lawyer but I never held that profession as a job; I always listed farmer and that wasn't quite true either, was it? as building a nation left no time for farming. If anything I read for a living, lol, and got away with it too.

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Was Thomas Jefferson elected president of the US before he wrote the declaration of independence?

No, Thomas Jefferson was elected after he wrote the Declaration

Who was asked to write the declaration of independence before Thomas Jefferson?

No one because Thomas Jefferson made it up, but John Adams was asked to write it AFTER Thomas Jefferson

Why was Thomas Jefferson Choosen to Write the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson was choosen to write the Declaration of Independence because he was a man who knew the right words and he wrote much better than the man who was going to write it before.

It was Thomas Jefferson who read the Declaration of Independence?

Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and his editors were John Adams, John Jay, and Ben Franklin. It took 6 rewrites before it was finished.

Who was president at signing of Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration was signed before a president was elected. However, two future presidents signed the Declaration of Independence: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Which colony had thomas Jefferson drafted a constitution one month before writing the declaration of independence?


How many years was Thomas Jefferson elected before he wrote the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson had not yet been elected as President or as any other type of colonial official when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, but he was appointed to that position, not elected.

Did Thomas Jefferson die before John Adams?

Thomas Jefferson died 2 hours before John Adams on July 4, 1826- exactly 50 years after they signed the Declaration of Independence.

Did John F Kennedy write the declaration of independence?

No, America was already a country long before Kennedy was born. Thomas Jefferson signed the Decloration of Independence.

What did Thomas Jefferson do during the revolutionary war?

he wrote the declaration of Independence. and before he became known for this he was a lawyer and saw hundreds of cases.

Was James Madison involved in the making of the Declaration of Independence?

No. A committee consisting of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson was assigned the task of writing the Declaration of Independence. Franklin and Adams had Jefferson write the document and then they made slight editorial modifications before presenting it to congress.

Who was the audience for the declaration of independence?

According to Thomas Jefferson, the author, the Declaration was needed to, "Lay before all mankind, the common sense of the issue". Therefore, the audience in general, was everyone throughout the world.

The Declaration of Independence was written mostly by .?

Thomas Jefferson wrote it with editors Adams, Franklin, and Jay. It took 6 revisions before the final copy was approved.

Where was the deceleration of independence adopted and drafted?

The Declaration of Independence was adapted and drafted in Philadelphia by Thomas Jefferson. A total of forty-seven alterations were made on the document before it was presented to Congress on June 28.

What did Thomas Jefferson do during his presidency besides the Declaration of Independence?

He did not "do" the Declaration of Independence during his presidency. He penned it in 1776, right after the Revolutionary War had begun, long before his presidency. One thing he did do during his presidency was acquire the Louisiana Purchase from France.

What were the most important things Thomas Jefferson accomplished?

he bought the Louisiana Purchase and doubled the size of the USA. He also wrote/drafted the Declaration of Independence before he was president.

Who wrote the declaration of independence before Thomas Jefferson?

Well no one if ur wonder where they got ideas to make it the toke ideas from philosophers like Montesquieu John Locke and Thomas Hobbes but no one else wrote it before him

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence for the 13 colonies with justification from enlightenments ideas?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to unite the colonies. Thomas Jefferson drew on many people of inspiration. Those people were some famous motivators before his time in England, Scotland, and elsewhere. Some of those people would be John Locke, Algernon Sidney, and Samuel Rutherford.

What was thomas Jefferson's occupation before becoming president?

Writing the declaration of Independence .

Which President's gravestone does not mention him being President?

Thomas Jefferson for one (there may be others). Jefferson wrote his own epitaph before he died, and it is engraved on his tombstone: "Here was buried Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of American Independence Of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom & Father of the University of Virginia."

What was Thomas Jefferson?

Before he became president he was a planter, lawyer, writer, philosopher, scientist, and a architect. he was the author of the declaration of independence and he became the third president of the United States in 1801.

What did Thomas Jefferson do for a living before becoming President?

Wrote Declaration of Independence Passed religious freedom to Virgina Governed Virgina Was a minister to France Founded University of Virgina

Why did Thomas Jefferson write the declaration of independence rathen then Franklin?

Actually, Franklin and Adams helped him. He rewrote it 6 times before it was finally approved. So, Franklin did have a hand in it.

Who wrote the declaration of of indepennece?

The Declaration of Independence was written by a young lawyer named Thomas Jefferson. The document was reviewed and corrected by Ben Franklin and other Patriots before being finally written down as a formal document.

What was unique about the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson?

They died on the same date - the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1826). Jefferson died a few hours before the death of John Adams.

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