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No. Turkey was not involved in the Vietnam War. However, Turkey did contribute soldiers to the Korean War (which made that war the first time that Turks and Greeks fought on the same side in any conflict).

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Where were American troops fighting in 1970 during the Vietnam war?

Vietnam and Cambodia

When did Johnson send fighting troops to Vietnam?


Vietnam shifted the burden of the ground fighting from American troops to what?

Vietnam shifted the burden of the ground fighting from American troops to South Vietnamese troops during the later stages of the war. This was called "Vietnamization".

What years were the US troops fighting in Vietnam?

Officially, from 1965 to 1975. However, US troops had been involved in Vietnam since 1955.

When the Australian troops start fighting in the Vietnam War?

Approximately 1962.

How many years and months were US troops fighting in the Vietnam War?

US Servicemen had been fighting communists in South Vietnam since 1955.

What was the pulling out of troops in the Vietnam war?

The us slowly pulled the troops out and handed the fighting over to the south vietnamese army

When did the united states send fighting troops to Vietnam?

US Regulars were sent in 1965.

Did the Soviet Union and China Have troops fighting in The Vietnam War?

Yes, but their efforts were primarily involved in the air defense of North Vietnam.

American troops left Vietnam in what year?

President Gerald Ford pulled the last American Fighting Men out of Vietnam in 1975.

Was the US responsible for the Vietnam War?

No. North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam. The US first sent military advisors and then fighting troops at the request of the South Vietnamese government.

How did Americans get out of fighting in the Vietnam War?

The Americans used a process called Vietnamization to pull their troops out of Vietnam. South Vietnamese soldiers slowly took over the jobs of American soldiers in Vietnam in order to get troops out without causing much of a dramatic change.

Did the US begin fighting in Korea before or after they sent troops to Vietnam?

Well before any US troops were sent to Vietnam. The Korean Conflict kicked off in 1950, and the ceasefire was signed in 1953 (although the conflict remains ongoing). The first American troops didn't arrive in Vietnam until 1954.

Where were the US troops fighting during World War 2?

Vietnam, North and South Korea. Northern Africa

What was the process of gradually withdrawing US troops while South Vietnam assumed more of the fighting called?


Did Canada send troops to Vietnam?

Canada Did not send troops to Vietnam.

What was President Richard Nixon's plan for Vietnamization of the war?

Nixon's plan for Vietnamization was to slowly replace the American troops fighting in Vietnam with Vietnam troops. Slowly bringing the Americans out of the war and helping the Vietnamese people have control over the conflict.

Which president sent troops to Vietnam?

Eisenhower and Kennedy sent military advisers who were not supposed to do any actual fighting. Johnson was the one who sent in large numbers of combat troops.

When the Vietnam war was still going was there fighting in cambodia?

Yes, US covert operations, as well as communists fighting the Cambodian government; but they were insurgents. Not regular troops from another country, like was happening in Vietnam. The NVA were regular soldiers from North Vietnam moving thru neutral countries such as Laos and Cambodia-the US was at war with them! Cambodia/Laos were being USED. Then...Laos/Cambodia had their own home-grown communists fighting against them; insurgents. The US was too busy fighting regular troops from Hanoi.

Did the US troops get any support for fighting in Vietnam?

Yes, but the anti-war people outnumbered (and where more out-spoken) than the supporters.

Why did saigon fall?

The United States withdrew troops from Vietnam, leaving the Republic of Vietnam fighting against the strong Communist force. As a result, Saigon fell into the hands of Communist party.

Why were those countries fighting in the Vietnam war?

Basically, the Vietnamese sides, north and south, each had allies and supporters. These allies joined with the troops in Vietnam. The US was on the side of the south. They lost.

What allowed the us to continue fighting in north Vietnam?

U.S troops never went to North Vietnam, that would have been an act of war and would have dragged the Chinese and the Soviets into the conflict.

Did president Kennedy send troops to Vietnam?

U.S. president Kennedy said many troops to Vietnam to fight the Vietnam War.

When did president Nixon first send troops to Vietnam?

Kennedy was the first president to send troops to Vietnam (others before him sent advisors, but not troops), Johnson escalated the number of troops... Nixon got us out of Vietnam.