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nope.Britain had a bigger army...its because Britain had alot of countries under it..

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Q: Did US have a bigger army than Britain in World War 2?
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Did Germany Have a Bigger Army than Great Britain in World War 1?

Germany had a greater army than Great Britain during WWI. Germany outnumbered Great Britain by about 4 million military personnel. Great Britain had to have more numbers from other allies to meet the numbers.

Which Is bigger than in Britain or India?

India is bigger than Britain by a mile

Were the patriots outnumbered by the redcoats in the Civil War?

What do you think? America is over 5 times bigger than Britain in size, Britain was at war with France, which had a conventional army and was bigger land mass than Britain. More than half the British army was deployed in France than America. Americans outnumbered the British troops 20-1.

Is Zimbabwe bigger than Britain?

Yes Zimbabwe is currently bigger than Britain

How much bigger is china's army than American army?

china's army is about 2 to 3 times bigger than American army

How many times bigger than Britain is France?

France is 5 times bigger than Britain

Is Pakistan bigger than Britain?

Pakistan (796095 sqkm) is bigger than Great Britain (229848 sqkm).

Is Egypt bigger or smaller than BRITAIN?


Is Romania bigger or smaller than Britain?

Romania is slightly bigger than Britain but about 2% smaller than the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

Is great Britain bigger than italy?

Italy is bigger

Is Britain bigger than Madagascar?

no :)

Is russia bigger than Britain?

No! :)

Is Britain bigger than France?

The country of France is bigger than Great Britain. The country of France is 246,201 square miles and Britain is 88,745 square miles.

Is Poland bigger than great Britain?

It is around 50% bigger than the UK

Is south Africa bigger or smaller than Britain?

much bigger

Is Greenland bigger than Britain?


Is Britain bigger than Tenerife?


How much bigger is Australia than Britain?

50, 000 times bigger

Is Ethiopia bigger than Britain?

Ethiopia is about 5 times the size of Britain.

Is Greece bigger than great Britain?

Great Britain encompasses the countries England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Greece is another country in Europe. Greece is bigger than Great Britain.

Is the titanic bigger than the Britain nic?

Actually, the Britannic was 3 inches bigger than the Titanic

Is great Britain smaller or bigger than France?

== ==

Is Guyana bigger than great Britain?

yes it is

Is Canada bigger in land mass than Great Britain?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, second only to Russia. Canada is many times larger than Great Britain.

Is the great Britain army stronger than the US?

In the 21st century, the US military is the most powerful in the world.