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The U.S. news media was responsibile for preventing U.S. from entering the war sooner. They were able to generate negative feelings about the war and ultimately responsible for preventing the Allies from being able to stop the murder of millions of innocent victims of the Holocaust. We didn't learn our lesson, so we have no option but to repeat it. We have allowed the media to convince us that we shouldn't be in Iraq. Yet we have not been attacked since taking the conflict OVER THERE, we have been able to neutralize a mass murderer who had attempted to murder a President of the United States and we have been able to introduce democracy into the region. The religious extremists of the Middle East want to create another religion based government where they can build a base to spread Islam. Many of the extremists will not be satisfied until all non-believers have been killed or converted. They have openly stated that fact and they have been transparent in their goals and commitment. We have media personnel who want us to "negotiate" with the Islamic extremists, much the same way the media wanted us to negotiate with the NAZI's and the Emperor of Japan at the beginning of WW2. The NAZI's and Japanese just used our efforts to negotiate against us, giving them extra time to prepare for war.

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