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He encountered storms and sicknesses, such as scurvy

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How many voyages did vasco da gama make?

AnswerVasco Da Gama made 3 voyages to Asia and India

What was vasco da gama looking for in the voyages?


How many voyages did vasco da gama take?

he took 3 voyages

How many voyages did vasco da gama make and what were their dates?

da gama made 3 voyages but i don't know the dates!

Who sponsored voyages of exploration in the 1400s?

Vasco da Gama

Did Vasco da Gama encounter sea life?


What did Vasco da gama encounter in the land he discover?

I need help in finding every thing in the world of vasco da gama no jk

What hardships did Vasco da Gama encounter?

He had scurvy.That was a big hardship.

Does christopher Columbus voyages would have had some influence on vasco da gama?


What difficulties did vasco da gama face?

I don't know. So go away!

Who started globalization?

Globalization started in 1498 by Vasco da Gama, under the Portuguese voyages.

How many years passed between the voyages of leif erickson and vasco de gama?

It took them 17 years.

What two Portuguese voyages took place after Prince Henry's death?

Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama

Is Vasco Da Gama a European?

vasco de gama is Portuguese

What did vasco da gama do for a living?

Vasco Da Gama usually sailed.

Who gama vasco da worked for?

vasco da gama worked for the king.

Who was conquered by Vasco da Gama?

goa was conquered by vasco da gama

Are there books about vasco da gama?

Yes there are books on Vasco Da Gama.

Does vasco da gama have sisters?

does vasco da gama have any sisters

Where did Vasco Da Gama get his education?

were did Vasco Da Gama go to school

Who is vasco?

vasco da gama

Was vasco de gama married?

Vasco de Gama was married to a woman named paula de Gama

Did Vasco da Gama face any obstacles on his journey?

He sailed on voyages where many died of scurvy and had to navigate through a monsoon.

Where did vasco de gama explore?

Vasco de Gama explored from Europe to India.

Were did Vasco da gama explore?

Vasco DA Gama explored the African Continental

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