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Did Walt Disney invent animation?

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In short, no. Although he did patent an invention which would change the face of the industry - arguably more so than any other in the thousand years before its advent.

Early Animation

Animation has been around for thousands of years, in the form of flip books or other mechanisms that spin a reel (or drum) of sequential images to produce the illusion of movement. The earliest solid example of either type comes from a Zoetrope-type device traced back to China in the 2nd Century AD. Animation as projected from a film has itself been around since the late 1800s.

Disney Gets His Start...

Walt Disney got his start using common animation techniques available in the early 1900s - including the pioneering use of Cinephone (sound-on-film) process to create the famous Steamboat Willie cartoon of 1928.

...Then Sparks a Revolution

Then, in 1936, Walt Disney patented the Art of Animation- using the Multiplane Camera in a way that allowed animators to reuse backgrounds and other unchanged portions of an animated film. Not only did this drastically cut the time needed to produce and animate the movie itself, it also helped improve the overall quality of the completed film. This method also helped create the illusion of depth as some portions of the scene would appear to move faster than others (or stand still, in some cases).

A year later, Disney released "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," not only the first feature-length animated film, but also the first to take full advantage of the Multiplane Camera. Indeed, the film may never have been such a success without this invention.

Disney may not have "invented animation," but his techniques and the pioneering use Multiplane Camera certainly boosted the art into the mainstream. The technique would be used widely by Disney and other animators alike for another 50 years until the rise of computer animation in the 80s and 90s prompted its decline.

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When was Walt Disney Animation Studios created?

Walt Disney Animation Studios was created in 1934.

When was Walt Disney Animation France created?

Walt Disney Animation France was created in 1989.

When did Walt Disney Animation Japan end?

Walt Disney Animation Japan ended in 2004.

When was Walt Disney Animation Japan created?

Walt Disney Animation Japan was created in 1989.

What is the reason that Walt Disney invented Disney animations?

Surely Walter Elias Disney didn't invent animation. He was only a genious with it. And he did it because he was good at it, and he loved it.

Is Tangled a Pixar film?

No. Walt Disney Pictures & Walt Disney Animation Studios

In what studio was the first Lion King movie produced?

Walt Disney Feature Animation (now known as Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Did Walt Disney invent color animation?

No. In 1911, Winsor McCay made the first 2 minute color animated short.

Walt Disney animation studios?

Walt Disney Animation Studios was founded in 1923. The studio has released 54 movies since it's conception.

How many cartoons did Walt Disney invent?

walt disney invnted over...... -500

What was the first Disney of Walt Disney animation?

snow wight and the 7 dwarfs was the first Walt Disney film made

What field or profession was Walt Disney is when he gained fame?

Walt Disney was an animator whose profession was in animation .

Did Walt Disney invent ''Disney Channel''?

No. Disney Channel was invented in 1983. Walt died in 1966.

How did Walt Disney impact the World?

Walt Disney made the first animation film but not the first amusment park

Why did Walt Disney choose to do animation for his first movie?

Because Walt Disney himself was an animator, and loved animating.

Who was the first full length animation character produced by Walt Disney?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the first full length animation character produced by Walt Disney.

Did Walt Disney invent animated films?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was actually the seventh feature length animated film. However, Walt Disney was the first to use cel animation and it was the first produced in the United States.

Who's Walt Disney?

The creater of the Disney company, animation, parks, ext...

Is tristar pictures going to be owned by Walt Disney pictures?

Yes, TriStar Pictures can be owned by Walt Disney Pictures , by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and by DisneyNature.

Is Monsters Inc a Walt Disney Movie?

Yes , was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures .

What is Walt Disney famous about?

Walt Disney is famous for creating Mickey Mouse, making technological advances in animation, and for creating theme parks such as Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

How much did Walt Disney pay for Pixar?

The Walt Disney Company paid $7.4 billion dollars for Pixar Animation Studios.

What was the first movie made with traditional animation techniques?

Disney has been known to make traditional animation techniques. The earliest animation was created by Walt Disney himself, and Disney continues to create more movies with great animation.

Will Disney Television Animation split up to 2 separate companies?

I don't think so, Disney Television Animation is being re-branded as "Walt Disney Television Animation" in early 2016.

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