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Did Winchester ever make an M1 Garand type rifle with a box magazine?

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Do a search for Winchester M1 carbine... that will answer your questions.

AnswerThe question was about the M1 Garand 30-06, not the .30 carbine. No it was not manufactured, but toward the end of WW2 some M1 rifles were modified in the field with the Browning 20-round box magazine. The American M14 and Italian BM-59 rifles were copies of the Garand action with an external box magazine, scaled down to fire the .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO). AnswerWinchester produced the M1 Garand during the WWII years only.
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Was there ever a Winchester 45-60 rifle in the 1800s?

Yes.The Winchester model 1876 rifle was the only rifle made by Winchester that was chambered for the 45-60WCF(winchester center fire).

Was a Winchester rifle ever made for 32cal both rimfire and center fire?


Did Winchester ever make a 22 rifle model 69A with a 20 inch barrel?

Yes, they called it their "Youth Model" a.k.a. Boy's Rifle.

Have you ever seen a Winchester 1894 30 WCF with a vented rib?

The Winchester model 1894 rifle was never made with a vent rib barrel! the only Winchester made firearms with a vent rib barrel was Winchester shotguns.

Is a 270 win rifle the same as a 270 wcf rifle?

.270 WCF means Winchester Center fire. Yes, same round- and IMHO, one of the best rifle cartridges ever made.

What model Winchester has a brass big lever action and loads throw the butt stock?

The only rifle that comes to mind after reading your description is the spencer rifle.Especially a rifle that feed through the buttstock.I do not believe that Winchester ever produced a spencer carbine either during or after the civil war.

What is the approximate value of a Winchester 30 WCF serial number LL7624?

My records indicate that at no time did Winchester ever use the letter prefix of LL to a serial number.Please recheck your rifle,s maker and repost your question.

Does the Winchester model 1400 20 gauge have a removable magazine plug and if so how do you remove it?

No, there is only room for 2 shells, ever. You cannot increase it's capacity.

How do you assemble a Winchester Model 94 rifle?

If you ever plan to fire it again, you might give very carefull consideration taking all the pieces to a reputable gunsmith.

Did Winchester ever introduce a cartridge known as the 225 Winchester?


How do you identify a Winchester rifle by serial number 46613?

The model number of the rifle should be stamped into the barrel by the Winchester name. If the barrel doesn't have the Winchester name, the model of the gun, and the caliber it's chambered for stamped into it, it's not the barrel that came with the gun. This will complicate the identification and you'll need to post a picture to get an answer. The serial number on a Winchester rifle is only unique to the particular model. Pretty much every model rifle Winchester ever made had one unit with that serial number. It could be anything from a lever action 1895 to a model 12 pump shot gun. If you're have both the model number and serial number, go to the website listed below to find the date it was made. Scroll down to "Related Links" and click on "Arms Collector". These guys turned the Winchester Archives from the Cody Museum into a searchable database

Was the Winchester Model 1895 Sporting rifle offered with flip up rear sights?

I have an 1895 in 30-06 that has Redfield peep sights on it. The site is adjustable for range and windage. I know the sights were on it before 1960. I do not know if the came with the rifle because serial numbers indicate it was made in 1921 I have in my collection a reprinted catalog of Winchester repeating arms co.that was printed in June of 1896.This catalog shows no flip up sights offered from the factory at that time.(Rifle was new in 1895).My father in law has in his possession A Winchester model 1895 sporting rifle in 38-72Win caliber with a serial number that puts production in the year 1905.His rifle has a side mounted elevating peep sight that was added to the rifle in 1907.I do not believe that Winchester ever offered a flip up peep sight for this rifle.Redfield,Marbles and Lyman I believe were the 3 main suppliers of after market sights for the Model 1895 rifle.

What was The first rifle ever made?

the winchester Rifling refers to the grooved twists in a gun barrel that imparts spin to a bullet thus stabilizing it and producing more accuracy. The earliest rifled guns were made in the 15th century which would predate Winchester by quite a bit.

Where can you find an internal magazine for an A303 Remington 30.06?

Try, they have a large supply of odd gun parts. I recently bought a 'W' shaped spring that is inside that magazine for 8 bucks from this supplier, and my rifle works better than ever. They could have the whole magazine and screws if it is missing from your firearm. Hope this helps.

Where can you find parts for a Sears Model 2C 22 caliber rifle?

that rifle is actually a Winchester mod.131try numrich arms for parts. this was the first gun i ever it in 1976 or so. still have it.always will...good luck Dave retzlaff two rivers wi.

Has Winchester firearms ever made a pistol?


What is the best rifle to hunt deer at close range?

The 243. Winchester with 70 grain sierra matchking or gameking which ever are good.I use matchking.You may use gameking already.The rifle though is M77 II ruger.From 400 yard shots to 40 yard shots.Very accurate.

Whats the value of the 1894 Winchester rifle 30-30 serial3342608?

Depending on condition and features, $300 to 600. It was made in the early 70's, so it's not really of interest to a collector, but (imho) it's the finest deer rifle ever made for hunting in deep woods.

What is the value of a 94 Winchester 32 special?

What ever you can get for it.

Did Winchester ever make a pump 30 30?


What is the best 270 cal rifle to buy?

"Best" rifle is a very subjective term, and can open up a LONG discussion- different people will have different favorites- based on their experiences and personal preferences. Winchester, Browning, Ruger, Remington, and Savage have all made .270 cal rifles, along with a host of European makers. You may love the Winchester Mdl 70, and I may love my Browning BAR, and Fred will think his Accu-trigger Savage is the best rifle ever made. Strange thing is- we would ALL be right. A benchrest rifle will be too heavy to carry hunting, an autoloader may be a great hunting rifle in Virgina, but not allowed in Pennsylvania, etc. There is no single mainstream gun maker I would shy away from, and if you find the rifle that fits your shoulder, and your wallet, you will be convinced that THAT rifle is the BEST 270 ever made. Good luck in your search- and have fun searching.

What was the first magazine in the US?

The first magazine that was ever published in the American colonies was titled The American Magazine. The American Magazine was first published on February 13, in the year 1741.

Was a northern town ever the capital of England?

No. The only other capital England has ever had is Winchester.

In call of duty 3 what level do you get a m1 garand grenade launcher?

I've tried to figure it out, but I do not think you can ever use it on the game.

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