World War 2
World War 1
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Did World War 2 really happen?

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of course!

World War 2(the holucoast)really did happen and over 6 million jews were killed

i know cause i am a jew and im proud to be one

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Did World War 2 happen before the cold war?

Yes, the Cold War was after World War 2

What would have happen if World War 2 didn't happen?

we wouldn't have war

What war happen in 1941?

World War 2

Did this happen in World War 1 or World War 2 ended with Germany defeat in 1945?

World War 2

What happen in 1946 in World War 2?

nothing,world war 2 ended in 1945

What happen after World War 2?

war and military school

How did Britain prevent World War 2?

Apparently they didn't, because World War 2 DID happen.

What if World War 2 and World War 1 had not happen?

cheese wolud rule the world

Pre World War 2 China?

I'm not really sure but...I think it has got something to do with WORLD WAR 2...? I'm not really sure but...I think it has got something to do with WORLD WAR 2...?

What 2 places did world war 2 happen?

World war 2 happend across Europe, Africa, Asia and in the pacific.

When did the blitzkrieg happen?

During the World War 2

When and where did World War 2 happen?

Austria 1939

When World War 2 happen?

in 1939-1945

When did an invasion happen in world war 2?


What were World War 2 trenches like?

there really wasnt trnch warfare in world war 2

Was World War 2 the first war to use weapons?

world war 2 was the first war to use weapons because world war1 wasn't a really hard war to battle as world war 2 was a really hard one to battle against over people and countries

In what countries did democracy fail during the World War 2 and how did that happen?

what countries had world war 2 in democry

What was five dollars worth in world war 2?

five dollars were really crappy in world war 2

Where did war world 2 happen?

It's World War Two (WWII) And It happened in many places,

Where did world war 1 and 2 happen?

World war One started in 1914, WWII in 1939.

Where did it happen world war?

"World" war.There's a clue in the name... WORLD war.Both world wars (there were 2) happened all over the world.

Did World War 2 happen before the Civil War?

It depends which civil war you are referring to.

What caused the world war to happen?

World War 1 was caused by two terrorists. World War 2 was caused by some Fanatics.

What country did world war 2 happen at?

WWII affected the whole world.

When did the Canadian Great Depression happen?

after world war 2

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