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Did Yugi ever use a Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the Yu-Gi-Oh show?

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Yes, he did. In order of Yugi's use of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (shortened to "Blue-Eyes" from now on):

  • Episode 10 - Yugi uses "Monster Reborn" to get Ghost/ Fake Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes".
  • Episode 118 - Yugi uses "Monster Reborn" in the duel against Noah to get "Blue-Eyes". He fuses it along with two other "Blue-Eyes" in his hand for "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and later uses "De-Fusion" to Special Summon three "Blue-Eyes".

Though it is technically not "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", it is worth noting that in the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light, Yugi uses "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" against Anubis.

Besides the original series in Capsule Monsters Yugioh in episode 10, Yami fuses himself with a Blue-eye's spirit and battles a five-headed dragon using Blue-Eye's "shining lighting".


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