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Did a 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit with a 350 cubic inch engine come with a catalytic converter?

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How do you pronounce 'esprit' as in a Pontiac firebird?

That is easy. It is pronounced ES PREE. That was how It is pronounced.

What is a Pontiac Firebird Esprit?

A trim package offered in the 1970-1981 firebirds. Was one level up from the base firebird, offered a delux interior, ect. Was not a performance option.

What is the difference between the Pontiac Firebird and the Pontiac Trans AM?

AnswerIt's trim level. There are three trim levels for the Pontiac Firebird.Firebird (base)Firebird FormulaFirebird Trans AmFirebird GTA (Third Generation Only) (it's to the Trans Am as the IROC-Z is to the Z28)Generally, the higher trim levels offer more goodies and more power than lower trim levels.The second generation also had the Firebird Esprit.The Trans Am model included a stiffer suspension, larger engine (some years), and distinctive graphics.The Trans Am is a Firebird. It's an upgrade option. Usually includes upgrades including engine, suspension, body...(spoilers) etc.

What was the horse power rating for a 1973 Firebird Esprit?

150 to 175 hp

What car does Jim Rockford use in the Rockford Files I have read that after the first season they used a Pontiac Firebird Formula and would re-dress the exterior to look like an Esprit?

Not that is not true. They used gold Pontiac Firebird Esprits. Started with 76 models then went to 78 models. They never used the 79 model. Three cars were used each season. They all had Firebird Formula engines but were all Esprits.

What model was th Pontiac Firebird that Jim Rockford drove?

1974 1975 and 1976, he switched every couple years. He also drove a 73 and 77, all of them were Esprit models these were a trim level above the base model.

How many Pontiac firebirds esprit was make in 1970?

There were 7,708 Formula Firebirds for '70.

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