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Did a 1989 vintage 270 Browning BAR come with a factory installed recoil pad?


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2007-06-01 22:18:04
2007-06-01 22:18:04

It would have come with a hard plastic buttplate with the word 'BROWNING' on it.


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No, never. Browning did not make any recoil pads standard on any A5 except the Mag12. For an extra fee, Browning would install it for you at their shops in the US, but it is not factory and was not imported from Belgium with a pad.

Factory applied or after market? Factory applied would be great to know.

It is impossible to stop recoil.

Perhaps the Browning Customer Service Dept can answer your question. Try the link below.

Recommend you contact Browning at link below

Give it a good cleaning, check the recoil spring.

Recoil when firing gun can be reduced by calculating which ammunition would be the lightest and slowest load while still getting the job done effectively. Also, a recoil pad may be installed to help reduce the amount of recoil.

The quick answer is a .410 bore - but there are relatively low recoil 12 ga. guns as well. Browning made a "recoiless" trap gun which almost is recoiless. In general, a gas-operated semi-auto will have less recoil, and in some cases this can be combined with a recoil-absorbing stock.

Yes, Browning did install poly chokes on special order. This is one of my pet peeves about the collectability of Auto 5 shotguns. I hear time and time again, that a poly choke was "Factory Installed". This remark always comes from a dealer or somebody trying to sell their gun. The reason for this comment is that they know that a poly choke decreases the value of a shotgun. If he can convince the buyer it was "Factory installed" then it must be original. I hope the dealers/ Sellers out there read this, because it is mostly inaccurate. Let me explain: The Factory that built the Browning Auto 5 is Fabrique Nationale in Belgium (FN). FN made the guns and they were shipped to Browning's HQ in the US. First it was Ogden Utah then St. Louis Mo. (Most years they were in St. Louis.) From St. Louis the guns were shipped to Gun Shops and Sporting Good Stores based on their orders. In order to special order a shotgun that was not factory specs, the buyer could order from Browning through his local gun shop. These services were typically installing Poly Chokes, Cutts Compensators and Recoil Pads. Special stocks altered to fit the shooter could also be done. Other gunsmithing and repair work was done as well. All of this work was done at the service shop of Browning, not the factory. It should be said that if a poly choke was installed by the Browning shop in St Louis, is it really no different than having a local gunsmith do the same job? Quality control comes to mind, but no matter who did the job, the gun is no longer original. There was never an A5 that was standard with a poly choke. Their service shop would install it for a fee, if the customer ordered it. There is however one gun that was advertised with a cutts compensator, and that was a skeet model with a beavertail forend. Now to the important part. Is it possible to tell if a gun had a poly installed by the Browning Service Shop? Yes it is. You can request from Browning if your gun (by serial number) was ever worked on by Browning. They keep records of all guns that go through their service department. Another way to check, is to unscrew the choke to reveal the collar, just forward of the sight on the choke. If there is a # 11 stamped on the collar, it was Brownings dealer number with the Poly Choke Co. Recoil pads are the same thing. Whats the difference of Brownings service shop installing a recoil pad and a local gunshop? In my humble (ok, so its biased) opinion, a gun with a recoil pad and a poly choke has been under a saw at both ends! It has been altered and is no longer original. I see comments all the time "stock not cut -recoil pad added" (baloney) All recoil pads are flat to the buttstock, but all original browning butt plates are curved. The stock has been cut or sanded flat to install the recoil pad. This is material that can never be relaced. The only A5 shotgun sold as standard with a "Factory" recoil pad is the Magnum 12. Unfortunately, the Blue Book doesn't tell sellers that they should deduct a percentage of the value when a pad or choking device is installed. The bottom, line is that it would be hard to prove that the Browning shop installed this without a letter from Browning stating the work done. Before I get a lot of grief about this, Id like to add that I believe there is nothing bad about these add-ons, they make for improved shooting for many people. My point is that these type of choking devices and pads are not original to the gun and should be valued accordingly, whether the Browning service department installed it or not. I know that many A5 owners will disagree with this, and many will not. My perspective is coming from a Collectors point of view and what it does to the value and the investment an A5 buyer will want to consider. (My disclaimer) There are some exceptions to collecting A5's that include guns with add-ons, but they are unique situations and too numerous to explain here. I'd like to credit H.M. Shirley's book "Browning Auto 5 Shotguns" for the data on the Browning dealer information concerning the Poly Choke Co. this is a must have book for Browning A5 collectors. This is more of an answer than requested by the question, but I believe it will be helpful to answer many questions concerning poly chokes. Thank you.

Depends to some degree on how the cartridge is loaded, and the weight of the gun firing it- heavy guns recoil less. Recoil is similar to a .38 Special- more than a .22, less than a .45. My granddaughter is in her mid teens and shoots my Browning Hi Power 9mm, so recoil is not that bad.

This gun is a Browning 12ga. Auto-5 or "A5" semi automatic shotgun made in 1968. It is the Magnum model which means it will shoot 3" 12 guage shells. It has a factory installed recoil pad. Barrel lengths and vented or plain barrels varied and can't be identified by the serial number. The gun was invented and designed by John Browning and patented in 1902. Under Contract with Fabrique National (FN) most of these guns including yours was made in Liege Belgium at the FN gun Factory. Your gun was imported and sold by Browning in 1968. The complete serial number should be referred to as 68V16970.

No way to answer without knowing how it is attached. Best left to a gunsmith.

No, the recoil springs are not adjustable. You can stretch one out and reinstall it, but it will wear back down again if in fact it is too weak to operate the recoiling barrel. The spring should be replaced.

There shouldn't be severe recoil with a Browning A5. Check the friction rings and make sure they are set for the correct loads: Light vs Heavy Loads. If the friction rings are set for light loads, and you are shooting high brass, then it will kick harder than it needs to be.

the gas operated A 500 G lettering is gold. Is G for gas? then maybe red is for R is for recoil, which is how the A 500 R operates

Go to the Browning link attached to this answer. Be sure to print it out and save the drawing. Many people glue the drawing on the inside of their forearm where it won't hinder the barrel and recoil spring.

The Auto-5 Light 20 has no gas system. It is a recoil operated shotgun. Make sure the gun is cleaned properly and that the outside of the magazine tube is not oiled. Have the gun checked over by a gunsmith and he can show you the proper way to install the recoil system components.

The recoil of the rifle bruised her shoulder.The recoil sent him flying backwards.

You can never stop recoil. You can reduce the felt effects, but, the recoil will still be there.

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