Did a lot used to be one word?

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How does a word like 'awesome' become used a lot?

The word awesome is used a lot in todayÕs world. It starts with one person and carries on through another make I a common word that is used it is like a chain it can go on and on.

Is a lot a compound word?

no, because its not writen as alot, but a lot, and even though you say it as one word, its not one.

Is a lot one word?

NO it is two words not one! A lot of people do that, even me.

Is a lot a word?

No, alot isn't a word. If you are talking about a large amount of something, you want to say "a lot." There is also a similar word, allot, which is used when distributing things.If the pirates capture a lot of treasure, the captain will allot one share to each of the crew.

Is a lot or a lot one word or two?

It is two words.

Is alot a compound word?

is a lot a one word or two word

Is awesome an Afrikaans word?

No, that is an English word but it is used a lot in Afrikaans.

What word can be used to describe a lot of people on the sidewalk?

A word to describe 'a lot of people on the sidewalk' would be 'pedestrians'.

Did shakespeare invent the word procure?

He used it a lot, but it was already a well-established word before he used it.

What is the plural of expensive?

The word "Expensive" is an adjective used to describe something that costs a lot of money. It can be used to describe one or multiple items, but it has no plural form.

Word is used when lot of these animals surround an object?


How many times is the word Awesome used in the Bible?

Not a lot

Can you give one word for a lot of shoes?


Is textbook one word or two?

It is used as one word.

Is the word one a noun when used to denote someone?

No, the word 'one' when used for a general, unnamed person is an indefinite pronoun.The word 'one' is a noun when used for a number or an amount.

What word has ht besides hot?

There are a lot of words that have ht in them. One word is hat.

What does the word ya mean in spanish?

It technically means ¨already¨ but its used in a lot of places where in English one wouldn´t use already.

One who travels a lot what will we call him in one word?

If he loves travelling - wanderlust

How many syllables in a lot?

'A lot' has two syllables. Each word is one syllable each.

How many times is the word f used in Planet Terror?

A lot?

What is a 3 letter word that is a noun has a A in it and was used a lot in the 50s?


How many times is the word revenge used in the bible?

a lot of times .

What word describes frogs?

"Slimy" is used a lot; but I like "amphibians."

Is harro a word?

Technically speaking no harro is not a word, but it is used a lot in chats. The word harro is another way of hello.

Another word for alot?

"alot" is not a word. ( it's A LOT) But, Numerous, Most Often can be used ... another word is many.