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No,Egypt is on North Africa but tofu was made in Asia.

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What did the ancient Egyptians eat food with?

Ancient Egyptians eat with there fingers.

Did ancient Egyptians eat dogs?

No, egyptians did not eat dogs.

What did ancient Egyptians eat at restaurants?

Ancient Egyptians didn't have restaurant's. o.O

Where did Ancient Egyptians eat?

In Ancient Africa, I suspect.

How many meals did the ancient Egyptians eat a day?

The Ancient Egyptians had 4 meals a day

Did ancient egyptians eat insects?

No, they worshipped many of them

Did the ancient Egyptians eat a lot of seafood?

No, the Egyptians did not eat a lot of seafood, but they did eat fish such as salmon and tuna that they caught from the River Nile.

What kind of fruit did the Ancient Egyptians eat?

The Ancient Egyptians usually ate dates and garlic. (Even though garlic is a vegetable.)

Can you eat grilled tofu during pregnancy?

You can eat tofu during pregnancy. You should not eat sushi with your tofu. Sushi has too many bacteria in it for you to eat.

What did the ancient Egyptians have for breakfast?

if you were an ancient Egyptian you would eat bread, wheat, and, fruit.

Did ancient egyptians eat hippos?

they ate the hippos when they killed them

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