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In answer to your question: Did Greek food come from gardens or fields. Some Greek food was grow in market gardens near the city, others in fields. Food was not grown in gardens in ancient Greek cities because there wasn't such gardens within the city itself. there were however groves where citizens could walk, etc...

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What ancient language does candy come from?

The word candy has been come from the ancient Greek language.

Did ancient greek come up with cheerleading?


What language does titanium come from?

It come both from Ancient Greek and Latin. Τιτάνας means titan in ancient Greek, and Titanium is just the Latin adaptation of the word.

What time period does Hephaestus come from?

Ancient Greek.

What language does Italian come from?

ancient greek and latin

Which country does the word cherub come from?

ancient greek

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It comes from Ancient Greek

Where does the prefix bio come from?

Bio comes from the ancient Greek work Life. Bio comes from the word 'life' from ancient Greek

Where did the athletes come from in the ancient Olympics?

The Greek city-states.

What country does pegasus come from?

Ancient greek,they were part of there myths.

Where does the character Hephaestus come from?

Ancient Greek mythology/religion.

Where does the word Democracy come from what does it mean?

its an ancient greek word

Where did the word 'orchestra' come from?

the ancient greek

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Ancient Greek.

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Yes, ancient Greek comes before Latin; in fact, Latin derives from Greek.

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From Ancient Greek φυσικός (phusikos) "natural".

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The meaning tetra comes from ancient Greek

Where did the invaders come from that destroyed Ancient Greek civilization?

The Turks from Asia.

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Ancient Greek γραφή (graphe), "writing"

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The agora was a central spot in ancient Greek.

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the word democracy derived from an ancient greek term

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it comes from the Ancient Greek city named Olympia

Where did the mermaid legend come from?

The ancient Greek and Celts both had mermaid myths.

Does the word spartan come from a greek myth?

Spartan comes from the Greek ancient city of Sparta. It means ''fertilised land''.

What power did Aesop the Greek goddess have?

Aesop was not a Greek goddess. Aesop was a teller of fables that come down from ancient times.

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