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Did any countries try to help the Jews in WW2?


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Yes, some countries did. Sweden, which was neutral, granted Swedish citizenship to Jews in Europe to protect them. Denmark, which was Nazi-occupied, sent its Jewish population to Sweden before they could be rounded up by the Nazis. After the revolt began in the Warsaw Ghetto, Great Britain delivered weapons and supplies to the Jews by parachute.


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yes: America Soviet Union Canada Britain

The Netherlands stands out as a country that openly defied the Nazi's to protect their Jewish population.

Holocust Means that million of Jews were ignored in ww2

Lots of countries wanted to help, but few did. Pretty much all of the allies except a few countries tried to help. Also Bulgaria didn't send any Bulgarian Jews to concentration camps, even though they were an axis country for most of the war. So America, Britain, Canada, France, and other allies. Also many normal non Jews living in Germany and other taken over countries rebelled against the Nazis and concentration camps. Norway especially.

The Nazis wanted to kill all the Jews, naturally the Jews were not eager to help them in any way.

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Hanukkah takes place in any country that Jews live. There are Jews living in most of the countries of the world.

Most help came from individuals and, to some extent, charities.

They where alive in ww2 which is 1935-1945 if that's any help BTW why u asking me

It's hard for any country to accept a massive amount of immigrants...(even though the Jews were actually citizens of many of the countries that rejected them...) whether it be Jews, Irish, Rwandan refugees etc....a country must decide its policy regarding immigrants... During the Holocaust all the Jews were forced out of their homes all over Europe and gathered into concentration camps... after WW2 ended Many Jews had no where to turn, The European countries had been hit by the war and did not like the idea of letting in an influx of people....Many Jews were scared/ turned off by staying in post Nazi Europe and feared for their safety...many fled to the US, Australia, and many other countries...including Israel...where there was always a Jewish presence...even before it was a British mandate and even through the crusades and back 4000 years)

Of course there must have been some cases in ww2, since there were millions of Jews and millions of German soldiers.

That America will Aid any European country that needs Financial help because of WW2.

usa, Canada, and the allies, pretty much just any place with Jews in it

The only country that has ever used nuclear weapons in any war was the US, at the end of WW2.

explain the question better.

Yes, several European countries still had territories after WW2. For example, the United Kingdom still held onto much of their African possessions and island territories (in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans). Countries did not lose their territory as a result of WW2, but this is when their power started to decline and independence started to be made.

The Jews responded by having more faith in god and by trying to help the allies in any way possible

Atomic bombs were not used anywhere in Europe in WW2. The only country that atomic bombs were dropped on in any war is Japan.

None. Zilch. Not a sausage: WW2 prevented any Olympics in 1940 or 1944. Berlin was 1936 & London 1948.

Yes, almost all of the South American countries have bee involved in war. -Brazil was one of the Allies in WW2

No nation as a whole helped the Jews. Almost all nations at the time had anti-Semitic roots. But there were people that helped the Jews and they numbered around 20,000.

Of course. Not all Germans believed in the Nazi way. In fact, many of the Jews who were put to death were German themselves.

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I have not heard of any siding program in the US offered to children of WW2 veterans.

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