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Yes,Any dinosaurs survive why?

because the birds survive

i see it in the tv show Pinoy Explorer

in philipine show.

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Did any dinosaur survive?

Yes and no. All non-avian dinosaurs (theropods, sauropods, and so on) died at the end of the Cretaceous. Avian dinosaurs (birds) survive to the present.

Which dinosaur could survive an ice age?

It is not generally thought that any of the dinosaurs could survive an ice age unless they were able to travel to warmer areas where food was available. Woolly Mammoths were not dinosaurs but mammals.

How do dinosuars survive?

Dinosaurs survived by eating other dinosaurs or plants.

How did cavemen survive against dinosaurs?

Cavemen and Dinosaurs were not around at the same time.

What animal can survive only eating grass?


What are the Darwinian ideas of why dinosaurs became extinct?

because of a meteor falled on earth and it was so hot.that is why the dinosaurs cant survive.

How did dinosaurs survive?

they eat, take care of their kids,and other stuff

Why did God kill the dinosaurs?

As I was told, dinosaurs were around before the Flood. Afterward, they were unable to survive, due to change in environment and atmosphere.

What dinosaurs live in ND?

There aren't any dinosaurs alive any more anywhere

Why did small animals and reptiles survive when the dinosaurs didn't?

Because they were small and required less food than the dinosaurs. Also they were able to eat a larger variety than most dinosaurs.

What happened to the dinosaurs in Minecraft?

There were never any dinosaurs in minecraft.

Why is some dinosaurs plant eaters?

Because for the dinosaurs to survive they needed a food chain. If there were no herbivores then all the carnivores would starve to death.

Why do many of the original dinosaurs do not survive environmental change?

because beacuse beacyye

Behavior of the dinosaurs?

In theory Dinosaurs most likely behaved in a similar manner to modern animals (predators hunted prey, prey ran from predators, Dinosaurs reproduced, dinosaurs evolved). A Dinosaurs ultimate goal was to survive and pass on it's genes. In short a dinosaurs followed the basic principles of nature today.

Is there any dinosaurs living?

Thre are still living dinosaurs the birds !no

Are there any dinosaurs left in the world?

No, but there are many descendants of Dinosaurs in the world

Do dinosaurs eats shirts?

no, there weren't any shirts when the dinosaurs were living.

Did any dinosaurs live in water?

Yes, dinosaurs did live in the water.

Where there any dinosaurs in the Triassic?

Yes. Dinosaurs first appeared in the Triassic.

Why dinosaurs extinct but not the sharks?

Dinosaurs were large with active metabolisms. Cold blooded sharks required considerably less food, allowing them to survive the catastrophe.

What adaptation that helps dinosaurs survive before they became extinct?

Thare are many. How about "ambulation"?

What type of reptile did not survive the mass extinction event at the end of the mesozoic era?


Why did the saber-toothed survive but the dinosaurs didn't?

They actually never met, and in fact the Dinosaurssurvived longer than the saber-teeth, and the dinosaurs' direct descendants, the birds, survived-they even outnumber mammals.

How did birds survive?

If you mean how did birds survive the extinction of dinosaurs then I think they flew away before the asteroid itself actually hit the earth

Did any dinosaurs fly?

Yes. Many scientists nowadays consider birds to be dinosaurs. Animals such as pterodactyl were not actually dinosaurs.

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