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Q: Did any famous person meet Connie Talbot?
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How can you meet Connie Talbot?

Go to one of her performances and que for an autograph. She will be touring in the future to promote her music. Be patient, she may come to your country someday.

How can i meet Connie Talbot does she have a msn skype or anything that i can contact her or her parents?

No Connie has no direct published personal contact information. There are fan contact email forms on her website. Her forum has a chat feature that she and family are regularly on. Messages can also be left on her Youtube channel. Links are provided below. She will more than likely be promoting her music maybe near you.

How do you meet your crush who is a famous person?

you go to a shrink

What famous person did vespcci meet when he moved to Spain?

the famous person that vespcci met when he moved to spain was the king of spain

Will you ever meet a famous person?


How can you be friends with a famous person?

Meet them and hit it off or be friends with them before they become famous, i guess.

Who is the author of meet addy?

Connie Rose Porter

What famous person did Joseph Plumb Martin meet?

George Washington

What famous person did vespucci meet when he moved to spain?

Christopher Columbus

What is a celebrity meet and greet?

When you talk,take pictures,and get autographs with a famous person.

What famous person would Selena Gomez like to meet?

Justin Bieber

How could you meet a famous person to like you?

First, you meet him(it might be tricky). Then, you ask them if they want to hang out sometime. Then, when you hang out, be funny and cool and calm.

How can you meet famous person?

here is an answer.... go to hollywood, join a fan club, or go to NYC......

How do you become a famous person's assistant?

meet a famous person if you are a fan you are lucky talk about every thing they like and ask if they need an assistant if yes say you will be there personal assistant

How do you meet a famous person?

there really isn't a way to meet famous people because u can bump into them anyday.but i can tell u dat u can go to places like Hollywood California and New York city.also u can can go to concerts and get backstage passes for u to meet them

How could you meet a famous person?

Becoming a paparazzi or other profession that follows celebrities is effective in meeting one. There are different contests you can get involved in to win a day with them or meet them. If it is an famous musician you may get backstage VIP tickets and meet them that way. Checking this famous person's website could help because you can check for sightings or ways to contact them. If it is a famous author many give email addresses on their sites. If it is a actor/actress you can go to their premiers. In general, the best way is to go to signings or events where the person is there, or being in the same area they are in so you might see them on the street.

Would Taylor Swift like to meet another famous person?

You'd have to ask Taylor Swift. But she probably meets lots of famous people everyday.

How do you say Hello happy to meet you all My name is Connie Lewing what is yours in Spanish?

You say "Hola, mucho gusto. Mi nombre es Connie Lewing y suyo?"

How can I be friends with Connie Francis?

Introducing yourself if you ever meet and having a conversation is a good start.

Did Baron von Steuben ever meet a famous or important person?

In the Revolution, he met General George Washington.

How can you meet and befriend someone famous?

Have you ever heard of the red carpet? If you want to meet a famous movie star, they usually go to their premiere. You might meet them their. To be friends is a whole different story. Usually the only time you are friends with a famous person is when you knew them before they have gotten famous. Also, if you want to be more than friends, you knew them years before they became famous. If I was famous, I wouldn't date anyone I didn't know before I became famous because I would worry if it was true love or if I was being used.

What is a sentence for anxious?

I was very anxious to meet the Prime Minister because i had never met a famous person like this before.

How did THE WANTED boy band become famous?

The Wanted became famous because they meet someone very famous this person name is Jodie Hughes, Carrie Hughes Currie!

How do you become friends with someone famous?

To become friends with someone you need to be able to meet them and talk to them socially. The problem with people who are famous is that they like (need) to maintain their privacy and therefore restrict who has access to them on a social basis. The most neutral approach would be to write to them and say you would like to meet them. However, the very nature of your question 'someone famous' indicates that you are not actually interested in the famous person on a personal basis (they could be anyone as long as they were famous) but simply for your own aggrandisement. You would be the sort of person a reasonably minded famous person would want to avoid socially.

How do you meet Katy?

It is simple one direction was not famous. Then they were famous so if you make ur own band then become famous then you might meet her