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Battle of Vicksburg

Did any girls fight in the Battle of Vicksburg?

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Were there any deaths in the siege of Vicksburg?

yes there were about 2 million deaths in the battle of the Vicksburg

What was the role of the nco in the battle of Vicksburg?

The role of the NCO (Non-commissioned officer) is to ensure that his superior officer's orders are carried out by the rank-and-file. There was no special dimension to the Battle of Vicksburg - or any other - that affected this role.

Did any Blacks fight in the Battle of Gettysburg?


Was there any girls in the Battle of Hastings?

probably not

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Why did Patrick Henry fight in the battle of Trenton?

He didn't fight at Trention nor any battle. He was a Quaker, member of congess, governor of Va, and died in 1799.

Did any African Americans fight in the battle of New Orleans?


Did children fight in the Revolutionary War?

Pretty much any boy over 16 fought in the Revolutionary war. But not any younger and girls did not fight.

Did the USS Arizona fight in any battles?

YEs it fought in the battle of your mom

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'Melee' means any of those.

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Elvis was stationed in Germany from March 1958 to March 1960. He did not fight in any battles.

Is battle a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'battle' is a common noun; a general word for a fight between two persons; a general word for a fight between organized armed forces; a general word for a lengthy or difficult conflict or struggle; a word for any battle of any kind.The word 'battle' is also a verb: battle, battles, battling, battled.

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yes , the battle against cancer.....and lost

Was the Battle of Hastings fair?

The Battle of Hastings was as fair as any war could be. Each army had prepared and trained for the fight they were going into.

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Were any famous people born in Vicksburg?


Did Hera fight in any battles?

Yes, Hera did fight in a battle. She fought in the Titanomachy, which was the battle against Titans and the Gods. She is also rumored to have had interfered in the Trojan war, because the Greeks were losing and Hera didn't like that.

How many battles did George Washington fight in?

Washington didn't fight in any battles as the commander of the army. He gave his officers the battle plans and had them carry out the orders.

In what year did Vicksburg surrender to Grant's Union army?

You can find that in any encyclopedia or simply by typing "Vicksburg" into any search engine. It was July 4, 1863. Michael Montagne 1863

What were the strategies of the confederate side in the Battle of Vicksburg?

Pemberton received contradictory orders from his immediate superiors, so he would up doing nothing. The South did not really have any coordinated strategy. Lee claimed that his invasion of Pennsylvania was an attempt to draw union forces away from the Vicksburg area, but it is more likely that he voiced that argument to Davis in an attempt to prevent his own troops from being syphoned off to relieve Vicksburg.

Were there any breaks in the Battle of Hastings?

there where no breaks at the battle of hastings as it was fight to the death except for when the English thought they had won and the Norman army killed the English king and then the army was destoyed

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To make sure the United States was ready to fight any battle

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