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For sure. For many years the official Presidential car was open to let people see the President. Kennedy was killed riding in such a car.

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How old should a baby be to ride in a convertible car?

The laws that apply to sedans are the same ones that apply to convertibles. As long as the baby is in the back seat and is secured in an approved baby seat it can ride in a convertible. But never in the front seat of any car.

How many 88 iroc convertibles were made.?

were their ever any Iroc convertibles ever offered with an option of a 350 from 88-90

What brand of car seats are made specifically for convertibles?

There are several car seats made for convertibles. A few examples include, but are not limited to, Britax Marathon, Graco My Ride 65, and the First Years True Fit. However, Britax produces 3 of the top 5 car seats for convertibles.

Were there any missourian presidents?

No, we have not had any Missourian presidents.

Is it legal for babies to ride in convertible cars?

In a certified car seat, in the rear seat- yes, convertibles have to meet a safety standard to pass.

Are convertibles for girls?

Yes of course girls can drive convertibles.

When was Jennifer Convertibles created?

Jennifer Convertibles was created in 1975.

Were there any presidents or vice presidents from Colorado?

No, there are no presidents or vice presidents from Colorado.

What are the presidents military responsibilities?

He has to ride a horse and lead the troops into battle

Are all convertibles four seater?

No, there are two-seater convertibles as well.

What is the average price for Honda Convertibles?

Honda does NOT make convertibles. You can, however, purchase Chevy's or Ford Mustangs, as these cars have the option of having convertibles. It is important that you do research on your cars to understand which brands do and do not make convertibles.

Were any presidents born in Montana?

There were not any presidents born in Montana

Was there any presidents from Louisiana?

NO- there have not been any US presidents who have lived in Lousiana.

Are there any soft top cars that the insurers don't charge more on for a learner driver?

Convertibles in general carry higher premiums than their hardtop counterparts. This is because convertibles are easier to steal and damage.

Are there any presidents from Alaska?

No. There aren't any United States Presidents from the State of Alaska.

Were there any U.S. presidents from Colorado?

No. There are no presidents or vice-presidents from Colorado.

How many 5.0 1992 Trans Am convertibles?

how many 5.0 1992 trans am convertibles were made?

Do Lamborghini's come in hard top convertibles?

Lamborghini has very few convertibles and they are not hard-top.

Did any presidents live in Oklahoma?

No presidents lived in Oklahoma.

Was there any presidents from Maryland?

No US presidents have been from Maryland.

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