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Throughout the series no character died whilst playing Quidditch. However, people have died playing the sport in the past. They were not named.

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Q: Did anybody die playing Quidditch
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What is speed and velocity of quidditch?

it depends which broom you are playing with

Is Harry Potter still banned from playing quidditch?


Did Harry Potter quit Quidditch?

Well, during his years at Hogwarts he continued playing Quidditch, yes. After the Battle of Hogwarts, though, he did not play Quidditch anymore, and he became an Auror.

What is Harry Potter's hobby?

Flying his broom and playing Quidditch.

When did Harry Potter stop playing quidditch?

Harry Potter stopped playing Quidditch in his sixth year after almost killing Draco Malfoy. He was banned from playing by Severus Snape and never went back for his seventh year or pursed a professional Quidditch career. He probably played for fun though.

What was the team playing by Victor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?


What sort of broom has Harry Potter playing quidditch?

he has a nimbus 2000 and a firebolt

What are Harry Potter's interests?

Playing Quidditch, Wizards Chess and solving mysteries with his friends.

What is the name of the quidditch magazine?

Quidditch Quidditch Quidditch. ATM the only online source for ordering is at their muggle email address, com.

What is the book Quidditch through the ages about?

its about the history of quidditch

How do you pronounce Quidditch?

Quidditch is pronounced 'kwidich' with short vowels.

What learning will you get from playing scrabble?

By playing the game of scrabble anybody can improve vocabulary.

Is anybody playing in the year 2525 anymore?


What book about Quidditch does Hermione lend to Harry?

Quidditch Through the Ages

How do you get on the Quidditch team on Pottermore?

You cannot join the Quidditch team on Pottermore.

If the ship was bruned by cortez did anybody die?


Which Quidditch position does Oliver Wood play?

Oliver Wood is keeper and quidditch captain. When he graduates, Harry takes his place as quidditch captain.

What is Katie Bell's number in quidditch?

The books don't say their Quidditch numbers. Watch the Prisoner of Azkaban; there are plenty of Quidditch scenes in that movie.

What place did Hermione play in Quidditch?

no one place. she doesn't plays quidditch.

What name of team where Ginny played quidditch?

Griffindore House Quidditch Team

How many Seekers are on a Quidditch team?

There is only one Seeker on a Quidditch team.

What do teams chase in quidditch?

Quidditch chasers chase the quaffle and try to score

What happens if you catch a Golden Snitch in quidditch?

You end and win the quidditch game.

When was Quidditch Through the Ages created?

Quidditch Through the Ages was created in 2001.

Has anybody been killed whilst playing rugby?