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Yes. The industrial effort to support the war effort pulled the USA out of the depression. The long work hours (on overtime wages), with "no strike" clauses, (with higher base pay for this clause), allowed many families to save up enough money to buy their own homes or farms. I personally know of a family that was able to do this during WWII. With huge numbers of women in the work force, this class of people were also able to do the same, purchase homes, go to college, better themselves. After the war the single one bill that allowed the US to flourish in the 50's & 60's was the GI Bill. This act of congress allowed one month of college tuition for one month of military service. Hundreds of thousands of men (and women) took advantage of this bill, attended college, and made this country a better place because of their education and work ethos.

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Q: Did anyone actually benefit from World War 2?
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