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Did anyone come out with a satellite radio GPS combo?

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garmin does offer units. u can get the weather portion and the music portion also(your choice). you have to pay full price for the weather but you get a discount for the music which will be $6.99 a month.

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Do any Car CD/MP3 players come with satellite radio?

Most new CD/MP3 players have options to have satellite radio available through them.

Do all satellite radios need subscription?

The satellite radio services in the United States (Sirius and XM) do need subscriptions. You have to buy the radio (or some new cars come with an XM radio) and then you pay the monthly subscription fee.

Can you get satellite radio on a Honda CR-V?

Yes, you can install an aftermarket sat. radio on any car that did not come with it. See your local radio/electronic store.

What are the options for car radio antenna types?

The options for car radio antennas include internal car antennas, external car antennas, power antennas, and satellite antennas. The internal antenna is the least effective and most cars come with either the external fixed antenna or the power antenna unless their is a satellite radio in the car and then it is a satellite antenna.

What is the radio?

the radio is a box that voices come out of dumbo. anyone who doesn't no that should go repeat first grade

Do radios need satellites?

No, radio signals can come from broadcasting towers and can be received by radios, without the need for satellites; indeed, radio broadcasting originated long before the first satellite was launched.

Does the Summit 48-Inch Combo Kitchen C48E come with easy install instructions?

Yes, this item comes with step by steps instructions for anyone to install.

What features come stock on a GMC 3500?

The GMC Sierra 3500 had stock features such as air conditioning and AM/FM radio. It also has four wheel drive and stability control plus a satellite radio and traction control.

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Where did the name skitty come from?

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Do any of the satellite radios come with the feature of also picking up regular radio stations?

Both companies have options to include local radio stations, without charging extra. However, it depends on where you live and whether they have agreements in place with regular radio stations, to carry their signal.

What Does XM stand for on the radio?

XM is the brand name of a satellite radio provider. Their competitor in the market is Sirius Radio. Both provide a wide variety of audio stations beamed from a satellite. This means they are available anywhere in North America, so you can listen to the same station all across the US. Cost for the service is about $10 a month. New GM cars and vehicles are all equipped with XM radio and most come with a free 90 day subscribtion with a new car. Other auto makers also have satellite radios. You can obtain hand held and MP3 capable players as well.

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How do you get radio on your ipod touch?

Its doesn't come with radio, but you can get a free radio app.

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What colors does a DS lite come in?

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Does this come in any colors?

Yes, the Toshiba Satellite Pro does come in colors such as silver.

What features come on an 2010 Range Rover?

The 2010 version of the iconic Range Rover by Land Rover comes with features such as: Bluetooth connectivity, mp3 connection, satellite radio, side airbags and traction control.

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