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Did anyone help Walt Disney in the movie business?


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Walt Disney's brother Roy Disney were business partners and founded Walt Disney Productions, Ltd.


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Dear person, Walt Disney is not a business, he is a person. He was in the filmmaking/producing business and could be considered a movie mogul.

No, Walt Disney did not do mind control. Walt Disney is famous for his cartoons, which became a multi-million dollar movie studio business.

Walter (walt) disney is an english cartoonist, known for the creation of DisneyWorld, Mickey Mouse, and many other various characters.

Anyone that does business in the effort to make money is an entrepreneur.

Jungle book was the last movie that Walt Disney supervised.

No. The Disney Company, yes. Walt Disney himself, no. :)

His brother Roy Disney helped him run his business initially, but Walt had many business partners over the years.

The Walt Disney Company is finally re-entering the sequel business for Walt Disney Classics, connecting to the Disney Consumer Products line in 2015 for MORE than 100 franchises, and even all Disney & Pixar franchises.

The last princess movie that Walt Disney worked on was Sleeping Beauty in 1959.

He was 18 when he started his business.

if your are asking personally:the best Walt Disney movie has to be mulan,but there are many other movies such as:tangled,Disney princesses movies and pinochio...

No it's a Walt Disney Pictures movie.

The Walt Disney company was founded on October 16, 1923 by two brothers named Walt and Roy Disney.

The fifth Walt Disney movie was called Bambi. it was released on August 13, 1942 but it was a limited 'release.'

Because Walt Disney himself was an animator, and loved animating.

The last film Walt Disney supervised was The Jungle Book(1967).

Walt Disney himself voiced all the characters in the cartoon.

It was released in 1995...but it isn't a Walt Disney movie. It was made by Amblimation animation studios.

Walt Disney invented Walt Disney world and Walt Disney land

Yes, Hannah Montana: The Movie is a Disney movie it is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and is a Disney Musical film

They didn't. Walt Disney Productions is the company that produces the work. A production would be a movie like Little Mermaid.

Walt Disney didn't "make" Cinderella 2; the movie was released February 26, 2001, about 35 years after Walt Disney died.

Well this doesn't exactly have an answer as Shrek is a movie and Walt Disney is a film maker.

Yes , was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures .

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