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I don't have information about this particular person, but my dad was also un the 351st in Italy.

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Unfortunatly I do not at the moment however I do know that someone in my family has a picture of several men in the company. I am unsure as to where it is. My great grandfather served in the company too. :)

the Croix de Guerre was award to the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) as a whole. there were NO volunteers involved. therefore, anyone assigned to the 504th PIR during and after the war was allowed to wear said award...........

James Putnam was the son of Samuel Putnam, both of whom left Worchestor MASS at the start of the American Revolution in 1775. Samuel Putnam was actually the lawyer Adams articled under around 1758-60. Why some suggest he articled under John Putnam is anyone`s guess; but it could be to hide the fact Samuel was associated with Gov. John Wentworth, another friend of Adams, both of whom were considered traitors in the Revolution. Unless Adams knew another James Putnam, its unlikely he had any relationship with Samuel`s son James.

442nd Regimental Combat Team of World War 2 fame. This unit was organized from Japanese-Americans during a time when the US did not trust anyone who looked like a Japanese. Japan had just attacked the US and declared war. Americans joined the Army to go into war and fight the Japanese. Here was a group of Americans from Hawaii and west coast who joined to fight for their country---USA. A Regimental Combat Team was a unit that was not large enough to be called an "infantry division". It did have 3 battalions and support artillery and engineers. This unit was sent to fight with the US 5th Army in Italy. Then it was sent to Southern France and later returned to Italy where it was attached to the 92nd "Buffalo" Infantry Division(Colored). This unit excelled itself in battle. It is recognized as the most decorated unit of its size during World War 2. The organization was as follows: 442nd COMBAT TEAM442nd Infantry Regiment1st Battalion (100th Infantry Battalion) - Companies A, B, C, D2nd Battalion - Companies E, F, G, H3rd Battalion - Companies I, K, L, M522 Field Artillery Battalion - (16 Mar 1945, reassigned to 7th Army)232 Combat Engineering CompanyAnti- Tank CompanyCannon CompanyService Company206th Army BandSupporting Units599th Field Artillery Battalion of 92nd DivisionLink:

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There was a person with a z in their name during the American Revolution. Herzogtum Zweibrucken was a leader of the Regiment Royal Duex-Ponts.

A historical person from Massachusetts is anyone on the 54th massachusets regiment in the American civil war. the cornel of that regement was cornel Robert Shaw.

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I found this information while doing an internet search. After being sent to the pacific theatre, the unit found itself engaged in combat in the Philippines where it served honorably and won the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. It was on the Philippines where the 163d Field Artillery helped the 38th Infantry Division earn its nicknames, the" Avengers of Battaan" and the Cyclone Division. It was at this time the former elements were reorganized and redesignated as the 163d Field Artillery, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System, to consist of the 1st Battalion, and element of the 38th Infantry Division.

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