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There were always people trying to help the Jews escape Hitler's power trip at the risk of being arrested with them. When it came to the disabled, Hitler and many others believed that they were useless and unworthy of life. Hitler said that wartime 'was the best time for the elimination of the incurably ill.' Sadly, he was not the only person who believed this.

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Did people speak up to help the disabled during the holocaust?


Did anyone help the gypsies during the Holocaust?

no, but they were not seen as being in danger as they were not targeted in the same way.

Did anyone try to help the Jews during the holocaust?

some people tried and succeeded in helping individual Jews, no one could help them as a group.

When did the US help during the Holocaust?

The U.S. started to help in the Holocaust when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor.

Did Christian churches help Jews during the Holocaust?

Yes Chrisian churches helped Jews during the Holocaust....

What do you do with a disabled person during a hurricane?

Help them to safety.

What did Winton do?

Help campaign about the nazis and help jews during the Holocaust

Did anyone help political prisoners in the holocaust not talking about Jews gypsies homosexuals handicapped Jehovah's witness?

Many people, including farmers, doctors, and diplomats helped political prisoners escape during the Holocaust.

What Specific Countries Did Not Help In The Holocaust Genocide?

Untied States was one of the many countries whom at at first did not help during the holocaust

What did Nicholas Winton do?

Help campaign about the nazis and help jews during the holocaust

How do books about the Holocaust help us remember the Holocaust?

They talk about the holocaust?

What did the US do during the Holocaust?

well during the holocaust, we basicly fought in wwii. because we didnt know about the holocaust until the end of the war when we found the camps. so we ccouldnt really help all the people that were hurt in the holocaust. but we did help as much as we could after we found the camps.

Did the allies help the Germans during the Holocaust?

No they were fighting against them

How does learning about Holocaust help the students understand discrimination and war from another perspective?

Learning about the Holocaust does not help anyone see things from another perspective. Either people have the ability or they do not.

Why were gypsis targeted during the holocaust?

a few similar questions to help answer:

Did Europeans rescue or help some Jews during the holocaust?

Yes. Some.

How did the US help Jews after the Holocaust?

the truth is that us didn't help the Jew's. sure afterwards they let some into America but during the actual holocaust they did nothing to stop it. shame on them.

Did the United Nations help Jews during the Holocaust?

No, the United Nations did not exist at the time.

What were the 3 types of resistance during the Holocaust?

what were the 3 types of resistance? i reallt dont know this stuff so i kind of need help with this holocaust.

What role did Herman Goring Himmler play in the Holocaust?

He helped make decisions on what to do and did alot stuff to help cover up some of the things they did during the holocaust.

What did some people that were in hiding from the holocaust have with them?

Anyone in hiding for a long period of time needs help from someone in the "world outside".

Why did many people refuse to help Jews during the Holocaust?

Because if they were caught they could be sentenced to death.

Where did the Jewish people hid during the holocaust?

Most could not and did not hide, those that did; did so with the help of gentiles.

Did anyone help James Armistead during the Revolutionary War?


How did different religions respond to the holocaust?

Many Christians tried to help Jews escape the Nazis during the Holocaust. Often risking their own lives in the event of doing so.