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No, but there are white carrots now. The ancestors of carrots had purple skins, with yellow or orange cores. Varieties in India had red skins with orange cores. Orange-skinned carrots were developed by Dutch breeders in the 1600's.

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Q: Did carrots used to be white?
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Are all carrots orange?

There are also white, purple and yellow carrots. AND ReD!

What are the uses of carrots?

Well, Carrots are used for eating. Or for bringing animals/bugs/ insects to the carrot. Carrots can be used in sports. Yes, sports. So carrots can be used in many ways.

Are carrots edible after they turn white?


What is is the original color of carrots?

The original colour of carrots would be:PurpleWhiteBlackOrangeA king loved the colour orange so he got all purple, white and black carrots dyed orange.

Did carrots used to be purple?

Yes, they did all used to be purple until the dutch came came and mixed yellow and red together, making orange. Some carrots are white, no jokes :D it was done in the 17th century as a tribute to the king at the time William of Orange by Dutch growers. Carrots are naturally genetically purple.

What is the different color of carrots?

Orange, purple or white.

What is a vagetable that looks like white carrots?


What were carrots used for?


What does a parsnips plant look like?

Parsnips grow just like carrots. They are root vegetables that have a similar flower as carrots but are almost white in color whereas carrots are orange.

Why are some carrots white?

They lack the basic [betacarotene] pigment.

Are there different types of carrots?

yes, there are white, orange and purple

Can I feed my hamster carrots?

Yes you can! They eat lettuce and rice as well. Although some people believe that if you feed a white hamster carrots, it will discolor their white fur. However, don't give the hamster too much carrots because they have a high content of sugar.Make sure that you feed carrots to your hamster in moderation.

How do people eat carrot?

Carrots can be eaten either raw or cooked. Raw carrots are often used in salads, and cooked carrots can be used in casseroles or alone with butter or a cream sauce.

Is carrots an orange food?

Carrots are an orange coloured root crop, and much used as food.

What color did carrots used to be?

Purple. The recent orange colour was only introduced by Dutch agriculturalists in the 1500's. There also used to be white, pale yellow, red, and black varieties.

Why carrots are orange?

The common carrot as seen everyday is orange. Carrots reflect orange light to the eyes from the carotene that they contain. There are also white, purple, yellow and red carrots. Orange carrots were first created and mass farmed by the Dutch in the 1600's.

How do you know carrots are spoiled?

Carrots are spoiled when they get mushy and slimy. When they start to get white spots on them, it's a sign they are drying out and should be eaten very soon.

How do you look like a vamp?

You paint yourself white and you put carrots in your mouth. :>

What vegetables are used in Asian cooking?


What do they do with the outside of carrots when they're cut into baby carrots?

The unusable part of any vegetable is used for fertilizer, I think.

What part do you eat from a parsnip?

parsnips are like carrots you eat the root the (white part)

Can canned carrots be used in carrot cake?


What is sandy soil used for?

Great for growing carrots in

What actors and actresses appeared in Carrots - 1917?

The cast of Carrots - 1917 includes: Gordon Begg as Nobby Johnny Butt Harry Gilbey Lionelle Howard as Mike Gerald Lawrence as PC Park Chrissie White as Carrots

What was the original color of carrots?

Domestic carrots were originally white, purple or yellow. Later varieties were red, deeper yellow and orange.The true, deep orange "modern" carrots were probably developed by Dutch agriculturists in the 15th Century. Orange carrotsprobably arrived from mutations of yellow forms, and then from human selection and development, probably in the Netherlands. It is thought that humans made selections from a gene pool involving yellow rooted eastern carrots, cultivated white-rooted derivatives of wild carrot (grown as medicinal plants since classical times) and wild unselected populations of adjacent Daucus Carota subspecies in Europe and the Mediterranean.Wild carrots were (and still are) white or pinkish roots.The World Carrot Museum has a fully documented history of carrots.